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Microsoft Copilot Week is HERE! 🚀

We’re excited to announce the kickoff of Microsoft Copilot Week. This immersive event is tailored to provide you with free online learning opportunities covering various facets of Microsoft Copilot.

Join us as we bring together experts, community leaders, and Microsoft Copilot enthusiasts to share valuable insights, best practices, and innovative approaches.

Explore a wide range of topics covering Extending Copilot, Getting Started with Copilot, Copilot for Security, Microsoft Entra and Copilot, and How Copilot can transform your inbox.

Save the dates and be sure to register below. Get ready to elevate your skills with Microsoft Copilot!


Daniel Webinar Recording
Building and Extending Copilots

Monday | 13th May | 11:00 CEST

Daniel Laskewitz, Microsoft

In this webinar, Daniel will show how to build custom copilots with Copilot Studio. 

You will learn how you can add public websites and private SharePoint sites as sources to the copilot. Daniel will also show new AI features in Copilot Studio that help you build a better copilot, like for instance dynamic chaining and plugin actions.

Nikkia and Sheila Recording
Getting Started with Microsoft Copilot

Monday | 13th May | 16:00 CEST

Nikkia T. Carter & Sheila Volante

Wondering how to get started with Microsoft Copilot? Now is your time to learn. Nikkia and Sheila will also incorporate a 15 minute Q&A so bring your questions!

Copilot in Microsoft Entra
Bringing AI to Microsoft Entra with Microsoft Copilot for Security

Wednesday | 15th May | 11:00 CEST

Jan Vidar Elven, MVP

Using Microsoft Copilot for Security in Microsoft Entra can be of great assistance for Identity administrators,

IT support, Security Analysts and more. In this session we will look into the recently released Copilot for Security, and see where and how an AI assistant can be a valuable resource for anyone working with Microsoft Entra!

Sesha Mani
Prepare for your Microsoft 365 Copilot with SharePoint Premium: SharePoint Advanced Management (SAM)

Wednesday | 15th May | 18:00 CEST

Sesha Mani, Microsoft

How Microsoft Copilot Can Transform Your Inbox

Thursday | 16th May | 14:00 CEST

Scott Brant, MVP

We spend most of our working hours within Outlook, fighting the tide of e-mails and believing there should be a better way to communicate. 

What if we could save hours every week, having a new digital assistant, write, read and summarise our e-mails. Could that change the way you work and also what does it mean for the future of your Inbox? In this session we will discover the new capabilities of Microsoft Copilot in Outlook and explain more about how it can change the way you work and communicate.

Securing the Digital Assistant: Navigating Security Considerations for Copilot in Microsoft 365

Friday | 17th May | 16:00 CEST

Alan Cox

In an age where digital assistance is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily workflows, the security of such systems is paramount.

This presentation will address the critical security considerations that organizations must evaluate when adopting Copilot for Microsoft 365. We will discuss the potential risks, the importance of data privacy, and the safeguards that need to be in place to protect sensitive information. Attendees will learn about the security architecture of Copilot, compliance with industry standards, and best practices for maintaining a secure AI environment. By understanding these security essentials, organizations can confidently leverage Copilot for Microsoft 365 to enhance their productivity while ensuring their data remains protected.




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