MS365 Governance Technology Study [Free Download]

A lot is currently happening at Microsoft and its applications. As in the technology world in general. Many things should be made easier for users and save time. But you shouldn’t blindly trust the technology, but rather set rules and guidelines. This applies to Microsoft Teams as well as to Microsoft Copilot. But what exactly is Teams Governance?

Microsoft 365 and Teams Governance is a selection of provisions to ensure security and structure in the MS Teams environment of companies. This refers to the rules, processes and guidelines. This includes managing memberships and permissions, securing data and complying with legal requirements. Above all, it is about boundaries in relation to processes that are expected from users and which in turn must be adhered to.

The rapid introduction of teams during the Corona pandemic has made clear the need for a clear governance strategy in many companies: too little regulation leads to enormous proliferation and increasingly confusing filing structures, and the initial enthusiasm eventually turns into frustration. However, too much regulation at the beginning also inhibits user acceptance, as cumbersome and complex processes are not very enjoyable. This is why a governance concept is so important.

How can (AI-based) governance tools and guidelines help in everyday work?

Where Microsoft Teams has redefined the way we work together in recent years, the next topic is already a reality. Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant feature for Microsoft 365 applications and services. Microsoft 365 Copilot is able to understand, interpret content and show connections. Even in the age of AI, users want to find their documents as efficiently as possible and have easy access. Since there is a lot of sensitive data in your own company, which should not be fully available to all employees, rules and settings must also be in place here. The key lies in the interaction of storage structures and authorizations, because Copilot only has access to the data to which the logged in user has access. Be it via sharing a Teams membership, a channel, a connected SharePoint site, a document library or directly on the directory / document.

How do you get an overview of the providers and solutions active on the market?

The MS365 Governance Technology Study 2023 by the Stuttgart SharePointForum in cooperation with the University of Media and the Microsoft Business User Forum (mbuf) has identified 27 providers worldwide in the MS 365 area on the topic of Teams Governance. Of these, 10 providers operate exclusively in German-speaking countries. In addition, 6 companies serve the entire European region and a further 10 are active worldwide, including in the USA, Australia or Asia. The study can be purchased with full functionality and an interactive XLS file that can be configured according to individual requirements for 299.00 euros.

A free English short version is available to download here:

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