Physical Health – 5 Fitness Challenges for your Office Routine 

Welcome to the ESPC Workplace Wellness blog series! This month, June, let’s focus on your physical health as a working professional. 

What’s the best thing about this blog series? It’s a fit for everyone! As the month draws to a close, treat yourself to a light-hearted and informative blog post that promotes a harmonious work-life balance. 

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Create an Active Work Routine 

Below are 5 daily fitness challenges that can be enjoyed either with you colleagues or individually. These challenges will not only bring some excitement into your workday but also promote physical well-being. So, let’s go on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle right from the comfort of your office. In no particular order; 

1. Introduce the Step Count Challenge

Set a daily step count goal and track your progress using a fitness watch or an app on your phone. Compete with your colleagues and set goals to see who can achieve the highest step count by the end of the working day. A little healthy competition to motivate each other to take more steps throughout the day does no harm!  

2. Take on the Deskercise Challenge

Transform your workspace into a mini gym. Encourage your colleagues to spare a couple of minutes from their work to do some light exercises – such as chair squats or desk push ups. Make a note of the exercises and switch them up every so often to keep it engaging.

Turn your workstation into a mini gym! Designate specific times throughout the day for deskercise. 

3. Master the Wall Sit Challenge

Build lower body strength with wall sits. Pick out a clear space in your office where anyone in the office can join in together. Time yourselves for example, 30 seconds and adjust each week/month as you see fit. If you’re feeling the extra challenge – why not add your nearest weight dupe – a water bottle, perhaps?  

4. Become Flexible with the Stretching Challenge

As office workers, we are prone to that sedentary lifestyle. It can be easy to get stuck in a project or task and forget to move about a bit. It’s important to keep the body moving, in turn, the blood pumping for a mental recharge and optimal productivity. Regular stretching breaks are recommended. Set alarms throughout the day to remind everyone to take a few minutes to stretch their bodies.  

5. Get your Heart Racing with the Jumping Jacks Challenge

Like a meeting, allocate a timeslot during the workday for you and your colleagues to come together and start jumping jacks. It could be a short break in the morning, after lunch, or an afternoon energy booster. Perhaps, play some music to promote a lively atmosphere and motivate each other. Make sure to warm up prior!


The goal of these challenges is to improve your physical health and make fitness enjoyable, not competitive. Make sure to bear in mind safety procedures, don’t push yourself too hard and modify the activities as needed. By sticking to a plan, together, you can make your office fitness a daily habit that brings your team closer to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Stay tuned for next month’s Workplace Wellness blog post … Exciting reveal to be confirmed, soon.  

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