PowerShell for SharePoint Site Designs & Site Scripts

SharePoint site designs and site scripts allow you to provision sites and apply your own configurations at that time. This solution allows you to drive consistency for sites being created in SharePoint Online. The management of these is currently all done by PowerShell. I have been working with these and building presentations on them and have put together a collection of PowerShell scripts that I found useful. This includes a lot of the base functionality for working with them but is absolutely not all inclusive.

This is not intended to be ran as 1 full script but use pieces of these together and run sections that you need at a point in time. A few things this script includes:

  • Creating site scripts and site designs
  • Add and remove site scripts from an existing site design
  • Setting site design view rights
  • Getting site scripts from a list
  • Viewing status and information about previous ran or running site designs

PowerShell scripts

About the Author:

My name is Drew Madelung and I’ve been in Information Technology for over 11 years. I have held positions across the technology stack. Today, I am a Senior Manager at Protiviti. I now spend my time helping out clients across the Microsoft collaboration stack both in Office 365 and on-premises. I still try do some development every now and then but I like to leave that to the experts.  I was honored with the Microsoft MVP award in 2017 in the Office Apps and Services community and continue to hold that honor today. 


Madelung, D. (2019). PowerShell for SharePoint Site Designs & Site Scripts. Available at: https://drewmadelung.com/powershell-for-sharepoint-site-designs-site-scripts/ [Accesssed: September 25th 2019].

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