Sensitivity Labels enabled in Teams Mobile Meetings

Empowering users to collaborate while adhering to compliance standards is a pivotal aspect of modern communication. Microsoft Teams introduces a streamlined approach to ensure secure mobile meetings by integrating sensitivity labels into the Teams calendar.

Label Selection in Meeting Creation:

Users can seamlessly align with compliance standards during meetings on their mobile devices by selecting sensitivity labels within the Teams calendar. Admin-applied default labels are automatically visible to users. Clicking on the Sensitivity label field in the meeting creation form provides users with a list of specific labels assigned by the admin, allowing them to choose the most relevant option. The meeting content is then appropriately labeled based on the chosen sensitivity label and its associated settings.

Channel Meeting Label Inheritance:

In channel meetings, the default label used in Teams is inherited and remains unalterable. This ensures consistency and compliance within Teams channels, providing a standardized approach to sensitivity labeling.

Implementation Details:

This update is linked to Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 178013.

Rollout Schedule:

  • Preview Phase: Commencing mid-February 2024, the rollout is expected to conclude by late February 2024.
  • Standard Release: Starting late February 2024, the standard release rollout is projected to be completed by early March 2024.

Organizational Impact:

Users gain visibility into labels assigned by admin within the organization, enhancing awareness and adherence to compliance standards during meetings. Fortunately, there is no proactive action required to prepare for this change. However, it is advisable to inform your users about this enhancement and update any relevant documentation accordingly. Keeping your team informed ensures a smooth transition to the upgraded mobile meeting collaboration experience in Microsoft Teams.

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Vlieger, R. (2024). Sensitivity Labels enabled in Teams Mobile Meetings. Available at: [Accessed: 4th April 2024]. 

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