Top 3 Tips for using Azure in 2020 by Magnus Mårtensson

  1. Focus on Monitoring and security services in the Azure Platform! One of the least used and at the same time best features of Azure is Monitor with all of its logs, metrics and alerts. Enabling this for your services in, or even outside, of Azure is the single best investment you can make. 
  2. Start always from DevOps! Don’t you dare write a line of code before your project is set up to build and deploy continuously on every push to a development environment in Azure! You are not obliged to go to production in the Cloud just because it exists, but if you don’t use the Cloud for Development and Test you are doing something quite wrong. 
  3. Study Azure Architecture! The Azure Architecture Center ( has lots of architecture guidance and tips on how to build a solid and optimal Software Architecture from the very beginning. With hundreds of services in Azure you might potentially use to build the future Cloud Architecture for your service, knowledge in this space is key. This can take you on more of a straight line to your business goals. 

About Magnus

Magnus Mårtensson is Founder/CEO of Loftysoft, a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional. He is a consultant, tutor, process coach, technical lead and an international speaker. Some of his passions include connecting with audiences and organising online and global conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure Bootcamp. As the first Azure MVP in the Nordic countries in 2012 he was awarded MVP of the year. He is also an Azure Insider, an Azure Advisor and an ASP.NET Insider and is a go-to person for Microsoft regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. Magnus has been a consultant for over 1½ decades and has the maximum possible experience time consulting on the Azure Platform.

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