Top 5 Twitter Accounts They Would Recommend the Community to Follow

Twitter has become a one-stop-shop for all things SharePoint where you can find information and interact directly with its curator. Most authors and speakers have active accounts with multiple updates daily; leading up to a conference, many are talking about the show, promoting updates, sessions and (possibly) discounts. If you aren’t getting social with SharePoint, you need to be. Here are my 5 top accounts, assuming that you already follow me @rizinsights, of course!

@mkashman – Mark Kashman is a SharePoint product team member with Microsoft, his tweets are always interesting and discuss what is on the bleeding edge in our space

@buckleyplanet – Christian Buckley is Chief Evangelist at Metalogix with constant insights into the SharePoint, AIIM and social space.

@sharepoint – the Microsoft SharePoint account, run by Microsoft, provides the latest information on our favorite product; it is not to be missed.

@joeloleson – If you’re in the SharePoint world, you’ve heard of Joel. A former member of the SharePoint product team, Joel is a speaker, author, evangelist and expert who travels the world sharing SharePoint with those he meets and speaks to.

@whymicrosoft – this is a new follow for me; it’s a continuing conversation about how Microsoft solutions compare to competition and drive productivity for people and their organizations. Though it is not SharePoint specific, it has valuable insights and comparative case studies from which to learn.

What Twitter accounts would you recommend? Please leave a comment below.

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Eric Riz

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