Coded UI Test Automation of SharePoint Applications with Microsoft Edge WebDriver

Microsoft Edge- Webinar

Stefano Tempesta,

VP of Engineering, EF Education First, Switzerland


Microsoft Edge- Whether you are a software developer, QA tester or product owner, this webinar can help you master different types of UI testing of SharePoint applications with Microsoft Edge WebDriver for creating robust automated UI suites and tests. This session explores best practices for creating a test suite for automating UI tests of a SharePoint application running in the new Microsoft Edge browser. The entire process is completely automated, and among the outcomes of this session, you will see how to generate and read detailed reports for evaluating quality of the UI of the application (consistency, rendering, responsive design, etc.) and identifying potential improvements.

Key benefits of this webinar include:

* Gaining experience in creating automated UI test plans and executing them against a SharePoint application
* Reading relevant reports and metrics to optimise the user experience of a SharePoint app
* Understanding of the programming model of the Microsoft Edge WebDriver

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Stefano Tempesta discusses Microsoft Edge

Stefano Tempesta discusses Microsoft Edge


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