Generative AI in Your Company: Use Azure OpenAI with Your Own Data

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Generative AI in Your Company: Use Azure OpenAI with Your Own Data

Generative AI in Your Company: Use Azure OpenAI with Your Own Data

This webinar aims to explore the potential of leveraging generative AI, specifically through the Azure OpenAI platform, to enhance various aspects of business operations.

Alexander Wachtel, a Microsoft AI MVP & MCT, will guide you through the application of generative AI in creating personalized content, improving customer engagement, and boosting operational efficiency.

Key points covered in the webinar include:

Overview of Generative AI: The session begins by providing a fundamental understanding of generative AI. This includes insights into how this technology functions and its relevance in the context of businesses across diverse industries.

Azure OpenAI Integration: The focus of the webinar is on utilizing Azure OpenAI, a platform developed by Microsoft, to implement generative AI solutions within your company. Participants will gain insights into the features and capabilities of Azure OpenAI that can be harnessed to address specific business needs.

Revolutionizing Customer Interactions: Alexander elaborates on how generative AI, when integrated with company-internal knowledge sources, can enable the generation of human-like texts to respond to customer inquiries.

Operational Efficiency: The webinar highlights the role of generative AI in improving operational efficiency within organizations. Attendees will learn about practical applications where automation through AI can lead to streamlined processes and increased productivity.

Benefits of the webinar:

Understanding of Generative AI: Participants will gain a clear understanding of generative AI, its principles, and its applications in a business context. This foundational knowledge is crucial for decision-makers looking to explore AI solutions for their companies.

Knowledge of Azure OpenAI: The webinar aims to equip attendees with practical insights into leveraging Azure OpenAI for implementing generative AI solutions. This includes understanding the tools, features, and possibilities offered by the platform.

Overall, the webinar is designed to empower companies to harness the potential of generative AI, specifically through the Azure OpenAI platform, and integrate this technology with their own data to achieve tangible business benefits.



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