What is the Viva Connections Dashboard and when should I use it?

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What is the Viva Connections Dashboard and when should I use it?

The Viva Connections Dashboard from Microsoft provides a personalised view of information and tasks. Content on the Dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions.

With many organisations having hybrid office workers, some with contact centre and frontline staff, how should delivering the Viva Connections Dashboard be approached? What are the use cases?

With many digital employee experience projects already complex with migration, content, architecture and service integration workstreams, when is the right time to deploy the Viva Connections Dashboard?

In this informative webinar, Wes Hackett (9 time Microsoft MVP) and Suzy Dean (5 time Microsoft MVP) from Microsoft Charter Partner, AddIn365 explore:

  • What is the Viva Connections Dashboard?
  • What are the core use cases?
  • How should organisations approach choosing which use cases to satisfy?
  • In a project lifecycle, when should the Viva Connections Dashboard get deployed?

Benefits of this webinar

Hear from two global experts that have deployed the Viva Connections Dashboard with global organisations, on how others are approaching deployment.

Hear some tales from the trenches when it comes to use case selection and project timing – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Learn about the opportunities and benefits the Viva Connections Dashboard can offer your organisation.

Additional Resources: Addin365 will shortly be doing another webinar on this topic, find out more and register –  https://go.addin365.com/AgriiWebinar 

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