Check out what the Azure @ ESPC19 Speakers have to say..

Azure @ ESPC19 is fast approaching and the excitement is building!

We reached out to some of our Azure Speakers to share their thoughts about the upcoming Azure @ ESPC19 and here’s what they had to say:

This year’s Azure line up is awesome, from governance, tips and tricks to best practices, there is learning material for everyone. Personally, I’ll be attending a lot of them!

Stephane Lapointe, MVP, Sharegate, Canada  

I’m excited to once again be speaking about Microsoft Azure at ESPC19. Many IT pros and businesses are not ready to replace all of their IT with The Cloud. But cloud services, such as Azure File Sync, can extend your file server life, reduces storage costs, make backup/restore easier for remote offices, and even give you a near-instant way to recover from crypto-ware attacks. Join me on Wednesday, December 4th, in Prague to learn how you can digitally transform (and keep) your on-premises file servers.

Aidan Finn, MVP, Innofactor, Ireland

For the past two years, I have helped architect, build, and operate a mission-critical application that runs on Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure SQL database. During this time, I have learned a lot, and I would love to share some of the lessons with you. Also, come and find out what’s the deal with that huge hole in the ground, in the Netherlands. I hope to meet you there! Loek Duys, MVP, Xpirit, Netherlands

Are you interested in how you can master Azure using CloudShell?

Thomas Maurer, Microsoft, Switzerland

If you are a person thinking about how you can take your on-premises developer skillset to a cloud platform or a developer who now suddenly must make your current solutions cloud scalable, this is the session for you. 

Consider Azure Functions as you build your methods, inputs and outputs, but rather than the ‘joys’ of prepping your environment, building out your developer rig… all that tediousness is stripped away and all you need to do is focus on building.

This is what Azure Functions brings to you and I hope you can come see it in action in my session.  

I am looking forward to delivering my session on Microsoft Azure Function Apps at ESPC19.

Fabian Williams, MVP, Withum Digital, USA  

Check out the Azure @ ESPC19 Programme here

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