Why leaders are blind to the most important productivity opportunity of all

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Email is the leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organizations today. Forbes Magazine (2008)

Employees spend 1 to 3 or more hours per day managing email at 40-60% of capacity.  That means they typically lose 30-60 minutes PER DAY.   Not some.  All — even the ones who believe they are extremely productive. That means you too.

It goes completely unnoticed because you probably think this is an exaggeration.  It isn’t.  Go ahead and challenge me.

Employees, many of them top managers, lose, forget or simply don’t have time to get to 5-15% or more of their email – a lot of which is highly important.  Many of these mails haven’t even been looked at.

It goes completely unnoticed because it has become status quo.  It shouldn’t because it is ravaging your business.

These otherwise highly productive employees often answer unimportant little task emails rather than pouring their focus into the most important things – systematically.  The idea of applying a methodology to the way people manage email (25-30% or more of their day I remind you) is not even discussed or considered.  Who’s in charge of email productivity in your company?  No one.  It’s not even on the map. It goes completely unnoticed because you think email is personal and difficult to systemize.  Rubbish.

There is no other single activity in your business that is as poorly regulated and in so much need of improvement than email management, and yet…it goes completely unnoticed.

Why isn’t fixing email management a burning platform in your organization?

No one has experienced what it is like to have an entire team of employees:

  • working their inboxes at twice the current velocity; prioritizing and executing what is important and urgent; and having complete visibility control over what is going on at all times of the day. 
  • never late, never missing ANY emails.

Face it, most people probably can’t imagine that this is possible – THAT’s why there is no burning platform.  You simply can’t know what you don’t know or have experienced.  Wilbur and Orville had this same problem.

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Michael Hoffman is an Executive Coach; CEO of LeanMail, a suite of productivity solutions for email, meetings and projects; and Partner, CEO of Atrendia, a consultancy firm working with medium to large organizations bringing about dynamic improvements in productivity for knowledge workers through innovation and the facilitation of change. Michael has diverse experience in various management roles involving many kinds of people and cultures. His experience as an entrepreneur spans over 25 years.

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