6 Myths About Microsoft Certification

But after all, what is a Microsoft certification? How and when to do the certification?

Microsoft Specialist

Microsoft Specialist

I’m sure you have a lot of questions on this, but let’s start at the beginning?

Long and prosperous personal life!

My name is Rafael Bernardes and in this article I want to deal with you about Microsoft certification. I’ve separated a few myths that are just below and also a video explaining how to access the Microsoft website to learn more about the evidence. So you’re in a hurry to go straight there?

I know you stayed here with me, I’ll tell you how I could not pass the certification exams in the first attempts.

And how, years later, it was easy to pass any certification exam! (and how easy it will be for you to also follow the tips that I will give you)

So let’s go!

Do you know how I got interested in Microsoft certification? Through a newspaper ad! The ad read: “Microsoft Network Engineer – Base salary of $ XXX” (it was a very interesting number)

And it was an announcement of course, taught face-to-face in Rio de Janeiro. So I ran after that, totally focused on salary?

After convincing my mother (yes, I was 17 years old) to make 18 pre-dated checks, we rushed to the training center to do my registration.

But I did not know ANYTHING, absolutely nothing about servers, networks, etc.

The course was very good and gave me a solid foundation. The funny thing was my disappointment of knowing that the “server” was just a computer with a different system installed. In my head it was meant to be something giant or even different.

I was an exemplary student, studied everything and practiced all the laboratories.

I did not even finish the course when I scheduled the first test. I was confident!

I spent the whole carnival studying, every day, through a simulated (later I discovered that was the biggest mistake at that moment).

And then it was this: I spent the carnival studying and did not pass the test ?

Do you know what it was missing?

Practice experience! Experience with the product.

Even if I passed the test, what kind of professional would I be? I tell you, a professional would tarnish the reputation of certification. That only passed the exam due to a simulated “very good” but no experience in the area.

I did not do certification tests for years, even defended for a while the flag that “it was no good.” Of course, it is natural to defend ourselves against what we fear. And I feared Myth tries and does not happen again.

Until, years later, I decided to take another course. That was very good, more practical, that taught me the real need to have a laboratory environment for testing!

If you still do not have yours, I recommend the course virtual lab expert  on this topic, it costs only $ 7.00. It will be pretty easy for you to ride your own.

This course was even taught by my friend Igor Humberto , who teaches various courses on our website. And at the end of the course I marked another test!

And guess what happened?

I have not gone, again!

You may be laughing now, but was it dramatic for me?

Only I did not give up, had the famous “second chance” or ” second shot ” and went to retake the test. (today the name of the program changed to exam replay, look on the official website to always be with the best information on this)

And what happened? Ah, this time I passed!

You must be wondering, what has changed? Well, I ran after books and supplementary material. That’s when I started to read more about technology.

And today I already know the recipe to pass in any test:

  • Carefully study the site with the test information (official website always)
  • Enrolling in a good course (it speeds things up too much)
  • Search for auxiliary reading (the teacher can tell you)
  • Simulate everything in virtual lab (be creative, simulate business scenarios)
  • Chat with others who have already taken the test

The course can be some free, like those that have in the site of the MVA: http://mva.microsoft.com or in some training portal like mine: http://www.bernardes.com.br .

I myself have several courses published in the MVA and others also free on my website.

Well, now that you’ve read my story and discovered my “secret” recipe to study, let’s go to the 6 myths:

1 – Is Microsoft certification FREE?

Many websites use the “Free Certification” gimmick, but actually certification is paid for and can range from $ 50 to $ 150 per test.

Yes, it is a high cost for many here in Brazil. But understand that this is a seal, a mark of Microsoft on your resume. It is the company that provides the product that you are going to work for by earning yourself for such a function!

If you do not know the certificate, look at the photo of one of my:

They vary according to the certification you took. It has certification that is only issued after you pass on a certain number of tests.

This mine was taken in 2012 and I had to do 3 tests to get this certificate.

All the official information about the Microsoft certifications you find on this site! It is very important that you only use the official website as it is updated constantly. I do not go for any information here because it runs the risk of being outdated.

2 – Do I need to take an official course?

Not! You do not need to take an official course to take the certification exam . In theory it does not need any course, although it can get a little harder to pass like this.

It is common that in the same place where they provide official courses also have the certification center VUE / Prometric (who administer the tests). And you can schedule the test through the official Microsoft website and go straight to the marked place (even if it is a course) without ever having taken something with them.

I myself do the tests at an official Microsoft training center here in Rio, but I’ve never done anything with them.

If you have questions about scheduling your test or looking for places to do, I recommend that you download my free ebook on how to study for Microsoft certifications.

3 – Are the tests only in English?

Yes and no. Some are only in English (usually the younger ones) and others have Portuguese. Another myth that speaks a lot: “the Portuguese translation is bad”.

That was years ago. Today the translations are good and you will have no problem doing your Portuguese test.

Always check the official website for the languages ​​available for your test!

4 – Microsoft certification is job security?

Not! Certification is not work permit, it is the proof that you have the skills!

Of course in a selection you will have clear advantage if you have one or more certifications. But you will soon be tested and need to prove your skills.

Another common thing are companies offering raises to professionals who make sure. This is really cool!

5 – Are simulated the solution?

I’ll be clear and straight on this point: Simulated is one thing, “dump” of proof is another.

The dump is nothing less than the copy of the evidence made available on the internet with the answers. People write down the questions and then post the answers.

This does not add anything to your professional career. And in fact it even detonates your image. I can no longer count on my fingers how often “certified” professionals came to me, desperate, with simple doubts to solve critical problems in their jobs or clients.

The simulated real is done based on the proposed study and in scenarios. It serves to train your mind on what has already been learned. This one is worth it!

6 – Do I need to travel to take the test?

No, that was in the past!

And if you’re wondering about this “traveling to do proof” thing, you must live in states like SP and RJ.

In several places in Brazil there are no official centers and many people had to travel to be able to do the tests. And that added to the cost and pressure to pass.

Today you can take the tests online!

Well, my article is around here. It will always be updated with new tips, so come back here from time to time.


Bernardes, R (2018). 6 Myths About Microsoft Certification. Available at: https://cooperati.com.br/2017/03/10/6-mitos-sobre-certificacao-microsoft/ [Accessed 6 November 2011]

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