Why you should apply for the European SharePoint Office 365 and Azure Community Awards

The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Community Awards celebrate and give recognition to innovation, excellence and outstanding contributions in the Community. They provide a platform to share and promote new ideas as well as a benchmark for excellence to continually encourage the raising of standards in the industry.

This year’s Award shortlist and winners will be selected by an independent panel of experts and the winners will be announced at ESPC18 in Copenhagen, November 26-29

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We spoke to some previous winners who told us how they have benefited from being part of the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Community Awards and how you could too.

Check out their top reasons to submit below:


Get some well-deserved recognition for your hard work

Reinforce the fact that what you do is valuable and having an impact in the community. Gregory Zelfond from SharePoint Maven, last year’s winner of the Best Office 365/SharePoint blog, says that winning the award has become one of his main personal and business achievements. “First, it reinforced the fact that what I do is valuable and appreciated by the SharePoint community. Second, it provided my blog with an additional recognition and exposure, not just in Europe, but throughout the whole world.” For Adrián Díaz Cervera from Encamina winning the award for Best Github SharePoint Project was a great reward, not just for him but for all involved in the project. “The prize was a gift and a major surprise. For us there is no greater joy for our team than sharing knowledge with the Community. In this sense, the award rewards all the contributors of the project, which in addition to sharing means they are doing things right.


Boost staff morale and attract talent to your business

Having your efforts recognised and celebrated on the world stage can seriously boost staff morale. “Being recognised for this Community Award means a great deal to the Beezy team,” stated Beezy CEO Jordi Plana, 2-time winner of the ESPC Community Awards. “We’ve had a tremendous response from customers and partners, but this award comes from a combination of industry experts and influencers from around the world, so it definitely shows that all of our hard work is having an impact.” Tiina Manninen, Product Marketing Manager at Valo Intranet, Winner of the Best Intranet Solution, agrees that it gave her company a great boost internally and gave her team pride in the work they are so passionate about; “We want to help people to love their intranet, so we were thrilled to win this award! That meant a great deal to Valo Intranet and has given us many benefits. It was a remarkable achievement that made our team very proud and happy.”


Be recognised as a trusted expert in your field with a third-party endorsement from those in the know

Having a third-party endorsement can establish your company as the number 1 expert in your industry. It improves brand awareness and can help close the deal on those all-important sales. “We were truly honoured that LMS365 won “Best Office Store App” especially due to the strong competition last year. For LMS365 to get this seal of approval from the European SharePoint and Office 365 Community is simply a priceless boost both internally and externally. We have no doubt that it has contributed to the brand awareness of LMS365 and the exponential growth we have seen over the past year.” -Mette Olesen, LMS365, Winner of the Best Office Store App


Stand out from competition and grow your business

Just like Mette mentioned, the Community Awards have helped so many companies increase brand awareness within the community, opening doors to new customers and partners. “It has made our business stand out from the competition. We have got lots of new customers and amazing partners for Valo Intranet. Thank you again for establishing this remarkable award” Sébastien Levert and Knut Relbe-Moe, Product Evangelists and Partner Managers at Valo Intranet.


Gain increased exposure for your product or service and access new customers

Jari Pullinen, Business Lead at Valo Intranet continues, “We have seen significant increases in sales and business as a direct result of winning the award. It has helped us to conquer not only Europe, but also the rest of the world. The European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) and the community are very well-known abroad.”


It’s a no-brainer!

SharePoint Maven’s Gregory Zelfond agrees that submitting to the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Community Awards is a no-brainer, adding: There are many other businesses and individuals that provide invaluable SharePoint and Office 365 related products, services and knowledge sharing. If you would like to increase your audience, gain greater exposure and recognition – I strongly encourage you to apply for this year’s European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Community Awards!


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