Build these 5 cool team spaces right now in Microsoft Teams

You’ve made the transition to Microsoft Teams, but if all you are using it for is chats and meetings, then you’re only using a small portion of the features. Teams is incredibly powerful for team building – way better than Skype for Business.

Here are 5 great things you can launch today in minutes.

1. Company training space

Give your partners easy access to training sessions and important documentation, right in Microsoft Teams. Here at BindTuning, all of our Partner Program news is now in Microsoft Teams, driving our partners to one shared, collaboration space.

Training workspace

We simply post an announcement in the conversations tab and when a partner clicks on Training Sessions, they’ll see every training recording displayed in tiles, along with the date. If you want to do the same, then the “Collaboration Starter Kit” can help you get started with a pre-configured training tab, ready for customization to your needs.
It is simple to set up and provides:

  • Customizable layout
  • Ability to filter training offerings by any number of metadata-based filters
  • Link to video recordings, YouTube or blog content, really anything
  • Fresh content available and accessible to users on-demand

2. Corporate image gallery

No more pixelated images, when your corporate logos are accessible in Microsoft Teams. Create an easily accessible image gallery, where users can quickly access your company branded images, in the size and specifications they need. Building a similar gallery in Teams is effortless with the “Collaboration Starter Kit”.

Cool features of the image gallery include:

  • Display thumbnail images of logos, photos, and more
  • Built-in AI search capabilities, providing contextual in-image search
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Access to all image metadata, including photo location
Image gallery

3. Cafeteria daily menus

A dynamic accordion list can be used to display the company’s weekly cafeteria menu. The Accordion app is also incredibly useful for any kind of FAQ’s, like new product announcements, information about mergers/acquisitions, or to address students questions and concerns in an educational scenario. The “Collaboration Starter Kit” includes a cafeteria menu tab, ready for you to customize to your needs.

You can use the accordion app to:

  • Consolidate and organize large volumes of information
  • Find the right information effortlessly, using the embedded search bar
  • Create visually-rich repositories, by using HTML and images
Cafeteria menu using the accordion app

4. Corporate team space

Give your corporate team access to everything they need in Teams. Team members require daily access to information like:

  • Team user directory, with the ability to send an email, start a phone call or chat
  • Urgent alerts and notifications
  • Company and world news
  • Corporate calendar
  • Events photo galleries
  • Easy access to productivity apps
  • Live stock market conditions
User directory

Get a running start with a pre-configured directory ready to be customized in the “Collaboration Starter Kit”. Everything you need to get started is ready with sample data, that you can adjust to your needs.

5. Corporate news space

Still sending a monthly email newsletter? Put an end to long emails with a short shelf-life. Instead, put your company news where your audience spends the bulk of their time – in Microsoft Teams. Consolidate industry and corporate news for your team. With numerous alternative layouts available, the News app is easy to scan and even easier to access. Again, it is all configured and ready-to-go in the Collaboration Starter Kit.

Corporate news feed

Start with the free Collaboration Starter Kit

With this free template for Microsoft Teams, you can boost the usage of Teams with ready-to-go examples that you can install, tweak and use in minutes. Create really cool communication spaces that empower remote workers and connect organizations, partners and cross-functional teams.You get a comprehensive template with multiple usage scenarios, deployed in an automated installation. Both a Microsoft Teams workspace and the associated Office 365 intranet site are up and running in minutes.

Because of the pressing need for remote work during the COVID19 outbreak, we are making the “Collaboration Starter Kit” subscription available at no-cost for 3 months.

To get started, simply click here to get your comprehensive template, with multiple usage scenarios, deployed to Microsoft Teams in an automated installation. You will be asked to create a free BindTuning account.


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