Build these 5 cool team spaces right now in Microsoft Teams

You’ve made the transition to Microsoft Teams, but if all you are using it for is chats and meetings, then you’re only using a small portion of the features. Teams is incredibly powerful for team building – way better than Skype for Business. And with BindTuning web parts for Teams, you can boost the usage of this powerful tool to create really cool communication spaces that unite organizations, partners and cross-functional teams. Here are 5 great things you can build today in minutes.

1. Company News Space

Company news space

Still sending a monthly email newsletter? Put an end to long emails with a short shelf-life. Instead put your company news where your audience spends the bulk of their time – in Microsoft Teams. It’s as easy as using the BindTuning News web part. Let’s show you how we implemented it here at BindTuning.

Beginning this month, all of our Partner Program news is now in Microsoft Teams, driving our partners to our shared collaboration space. We simply posted an announcement in the conversations tab and when a partner clicks on Partner News, they’ll see every news item displayed in blocks, along with the date. The BindTuning News web part is simple to set up and provides several customizable page layouts. You can link to new articles, blog content, external content, really anything. Fresh content is curated all month long and accessible to users on-demand.

Goodbye Skype for Business

2. Corporate Images Space

Image gallery

No more pixelated images, when your corporate logos are accessible in Microsoft Teams. Create an easily accessible image gallery, where users can quickly access your company branded images, in the size and specifications they need. Using the BindTuning Image Gallery web part display thumbnail images of logos and provide image search capabilities as well.

Image Gallery web part

3. Team Communication (FAQ) Space

FAQ space

Give users the answers they need with a dynamic accordion list, displayed in a tab in Microsoft Teams. Incredibly useful for any kind of FAQ’s – new product announcements, information about acquisitions, mergers or even details about the holiday party. For educators it is especially useful to address new student concerns. The BindTuning Accordion web part consolidates and organizes large volumes of information and the search bar makes finding the right information effortless.


4. Trade Show Team Space

Trade show space

Give your corporate travelers access to everything they need in Teams. Microsoft Teams is incredibly easy to access from mobile devices, so why not use it to coordinate attendees at events. Create a quick directory of your booth staff, speakers, attendees using BindTuning People web part.

BT WebParts

While you are building a trade show space in Microsoft Teams, make sure the team gets easy access to alerts during the event. Alerts are quickly consolidated on one tab for easy access from Teams with BindTuning Alerts web part.


5. Corporate Training Space

Department HR

Create a space for specialized training events. Using the BindTuning Filters web part, give users the ability to filter training offerings by any number of filters. For our Partners, we created a tab in Teams where they can access previously recorded meetings and training sessions, on-demand.


Get started in Teams

It’s easy to get started. Create an account and download a free 30-day trial of the BindTuning web parts for Teams. You get ALL of the web parts during the trial period – everything you need to build the above scenarios plus many more. Installation is straightforward with detailed instructions on how to install the web parts to Teams.

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