Christian Buckley interviews Hans Brender

Christian and Hans talk social collaboration, OneDrive, AD, photoshop and more.

Video Transcript

Christian: Hey this is the, we’re back with another session at the European SharePoint Office 365 and Azure conference here in Prague ESPC19.

Hans: Shorter haha.

Christian: It’s the this yes, it’s it much easier that way this is the eighth, the eighth ESPC event how many have you been to?

Hans: Six.

Christian: Six of them.

Hans: I only lost two in Copenhagen each time in Copenhagen.

Christian: You didn’t go the first one which was in your country in Berlin yeah, were you there?

Hans: Yeah, I have talked about an old story for proof.

Christian: Well that’s right it’s really funny because in that that first one so that was 2011 the first ESPC so you talked about groove in my session was on social collaboration so that was before the Yammer acquisition it was but like and so I was kind of and I was ranking all the various things I was talking about SharePoint’s social capabilities way back to when that was 2010 era you know talking about you know the lacking the lack of features and around that and so I was ranking all these competitive solutions and SharePoint was not at the top of that list and some great conversations for that event.

Hans: What a great hotel but this was this conference centrum is also very nice well.

Christian: So this is for those that don’t know once you introduce yourself.

Hans: I’m Hans Brender and I’m coming from Germany know me about Mr. OneDrive.

Christian: Let me you’re signing your autograph on postcards that say Mr. OneDrive.

Hans: The story was with a new manager now he left it also it makes it wasn’t something new means it’s now three and a half years and in the first year, Stephen what there Stephen Rose yeah he says he looks a light behind and we have a break and my coming behind the session are coming to the managers and they say we have to introduce you their hands coming from Germany and we call him Mr. OneDrive so that Microsoft gives me this imagination title and then I say okay why do not in my age you can do that not the younger people cannot do that but nowadays you can have some autograph cards and I have a big photograph of thanks to him, in Vienna and take these pictures put it on the most important time I have done was to look for the paper the right thing because you have thick paper thin paper you need the right ones that was the most important thing and also the pen you have to underwrite because that is to write and it’s not so easy with so I have learned a lot of about this stuff and now in each session in front or behind a session I have to spend the.

Christian: That’s right well it’s it so why don’t you what were you talking about this week you know kind of the this the sessions the content but I want to talk about what’s happening with OneDrive?

Hans: OneDrive it more and more important during Ignite I have also spoken I’ve seen that you have the end process that’s the next step we will have most the next year and so on with these capability business-to-business saying that you as an external have the possibility to sing my information for my company under my control and your PC and that’s a different one and you have to authenticate to your company both company have to an Office 365 and so that’s the most important thing that you can have all the data there and for me the next step. Well yes we have a lot of plot of things during the keynote 100 gigabyte volume that means the file can also 90 gigabytes or more, 90gb you have not so many files with 90 gigabytes but you have the string engine is now allowing to do that and also differential think that means that that’s very important things that you will have.

Christian: That’s an important update maybe you can explain a little bit more of what that is.

Hans: So normally take a picture with high-resolution picture means if you have one that means it’s 45 megabytes big that’s okay. If you now have a Photoshop and make your timestamp or your initials on this photograph that not that complete 45 megabytes has to be synced again only the difference there cut it out and bring it down and that’s differential think. We have this in office files we brought extra and PowerPoint but now other files will do it and the first one is with Photoshop with Adobe and the other ones will follow.

Christian: I mean this is a something that we’ve talked about for years of course I mean when we you know talked about this in the SharePoint world a few years back for example you know you think about that of we’re not reinventing a new compression model for that for the files or anything we’re looking being smarter with the pieces that we have but this the differential you know updates is can dramatically improve the speed and and the reliability of those those updates. That’s always so we’re having this difficulty now is that here we are this event we’re all competing especially now or were in a break between the sessions and everybody jumps on the Wi-Fi and then suddenly the performance slows down of trying to get in on the the conference the Wi-Fi around that and think about that if we’re all pushing and updates we’re making changes things.

Hans: And the real world can accept this you have some companies that have to say yeah if you need some other thing because we are so slow on the internet there are so many cities and not always in the cities you have slow reaction on the companies. They have a divide there but internet is so slow therefore we need this stuff because it takes seconds and seconds and minutes and they want to work and not to wait.

Christian: So what are some of the questions that you had people asked I mean you’re talking about your some of the latest features some of the capability so what are some of the questions that people still have is your compliance.

Hans: Most of the people do not understand still not understand that’s not the drive see or try UV whatever letter you want to have it’s different. So they are thinking you find on the internet with different thoughts that they have it you can have although a letter for that but that’s not the issue. The issue is the integration with Windows and Office is done and people have to realize hey you should do that because all things are in the cloud, cloud is your system that you feel and not your PC it’s only you can change the PC and they’ll also sync again. So we are now I have the ability to do with the modern tools in there to work with and it’s not only if you have Windows I call it presentation layer so that’s the latest thing of all the stuff you have in the cloud all your libraries and we always talk about the document libraries. I do not talk about the SharePoint stuff around that but if you have document libraries and you have it although in Teams. So the different is people are still not available to see what our parts you may have to sync and still have the question hey OneDrive personal or OneDrive for business if you saw it on the web you have no chance to figure it out so that’s a normal question sometimes the people come and sometimes although Microsoft is inventing more and more stuff and sometimes I make although some errors so that means hey Hans do you see that over the internet with one sentence we have a little bit problem and so my answer was do that do that I have to wait and today we have a new version and hopefully it’s done. So sometimes you have to it’s always an event more and more and although the people wait and that sustained behind we don’t talk about very often UDI and all the features you have there for these features we have said how long does it take it will come it will come you know a MVP Summit they always talk about that now it’s there yeah seem and that’s most important.

Christian: But what I find is most people when you have a conversation about a OneDrive and people will go back to some of their experiences that they had four or five years ago with the sink engine and some of the issues that are the history there and was like yeah but if you looked at it lately I’ve been I’ve not heard any new issues in that that you own that space for a couple years now at least I mean you had changed the sink engine so the consolidation of the you know one drive the personal and the one drive for business that’s that consolidation of the sink engine so the simplification be able to see everything in one place and go in there and that was a great some you know organizations the great feature. The other thing I talked about a lot so I know I wear I do my office 365 productivity tips and one that was very popular people asked about was going into setting you as a user your default setting and outlook as sending as a link in the cloud and in the so that’s leveraging right there uses leveraging the OneDrive in that connection so this is if you’re sending out an email to somebody and you’re sending an attachment and you can go in there in your own outlook client and set as your default that it sends it as a link. Now by default if it’s already in the cloud it will attach it as a link and send it out there’s nothing for you to do but of course if the content that you’re pulling is local on your machine or in a server is in it’s not in the cloud today it will still attach it as it put it as an attachment you then open it up and you can then save that to the cloud and pick the location. So like you know all of us I have multiple OneDrive accounts and different places I have personal and for business I’ve my company and yeah things around there so I have I think three OneDrive accounts and so I select where I want that to upload to. I’ve got my default setting but that’s something that you know people were like wow you mean I don’t have to have an admin go and set that for me you know I could do determine that myself.

Hans: So the next step is if you’re making a workshop a day workshop I talked about OneDrive I started with Active Directory has nothing to do yes you need that later on for true policies and that admins and the companies midsize bigger enterprise companies there need control to flow. Last year I have also talked about these group policies and now we can also not only control one tribe behaviour we also have the possibility to control your engine your device that is always available and you can have the talk never the that place will be empty or something as that means yes this storage sense comes in Windows 10 and OneDrive we have control over that and the people like that that you have different possibilities yes sometimes I want to switch off several things but sometimes they are realized there is security and you should not the first thing is switch off you should talk about security there for 222 slides now one day well and after that yes that builds yes Active Directory in the end it’s normally this stuff with Co policies then they realize why have asked about Active Directory because you need an organization you need in in the Active Directory because I want to connect the people if I a new member and a part of the company then yes you realize hey I’m attached to marketing or and attach to my OneDrive I do not have to do the people want to work they do not want our stuff that we can control behind the scene.

Christian: Right well that’s an important distinction too sometimes I forget being and you know I own my own company I’ve got part-time employees and so you know they have that I monitor the storage that they use but I’m just I’m not up to date on all of the management aspect of what’s happening in an enterprise for OneDrive. I don’t pay attention to all those features because that’s an important distinction because you want as an enterprise the ability to go in and set certain compliance certain security standards and policies across the board and you have the ability to go in there and do that to manage that. So, you have an employee that leaves the company you want to be able to be able to go in and lock that down you want to be able to pull content off personal devices.

Hans: But that’s the most important thing if you say hey you can do that in a small company it takes one but thinking about enterprise and that I have learned thinking about enterprise you have 50,000 users there are 50 new members and 50 are going. So that’s a possibility if you have only a one attending to all the stuff it’s impossible so therefore thinking about some crew policies really only work for enterprise companies but you can use it if you know why.

Christian: Yeah no, yeah that’s the thing so it’s the same features I have access to them I can roll that out I can spend a lot of time looking through that for my four part-time people.

Hans: Yeah but then you have to learn about other possibilities in the old days you have system center to roll these things out. Nowadays you have the complete stuff that’s about 40 crew policies you have it in in tune so not only you know several companies also have Apple devices and therefore a little bit of other control they have OneDrive files on demand yes. I lost the bet. But the thing is that you have control and on the new policies will be established in into so that’s the most important thing yeah some of.

Christian: You have to talk about that files on demand feature that’s one of the relatively new features that are out there is that it’s been fantastic to have that yeah, well explain what that is.

Hans: Yeah normally in the old days or if you have formerly operating system like Windows 7 or we still have that hopefully at the end of the year or Windows 8 what no 8 1 is a different one but if you have the older ones you can install also the sync engine.

Christian: I think I’m running Windows 8 on my win my surface NT.

Hans: Yeah the different one was we ate one you have a differencing engine that was the first try of Microsoft doing this stuff they want to control the date on the flow that you have in the cloud that’s a cloud symbol and then other people that you have to say okay it’s synced on this device so it takes one year that they give us a possibility in nobody till today to understand the concept that the different one it’s always on or it’s on this device so that means for the storage sends possibility you look in the past and look which files are there and we can dehydrate and make it always in the cloud available. The always-on that’s a green button means a dark green means that it’s always on your device and the admins cannot control that it’s up to you right flag and say I want to have it because that’s a different one that you have to flow and from a physical standpoint it’s let’s say you have the file allocation table Microsoft changed that and have changed the system so there are two attributes that control that but thinking what you have in there that’s a simplified thing that’s a file name you have an attribute you have the ending it’s a dark file of hangouts right you have a place for a small pick and you have a pointer let’s say that’s a simplified. The pointer shows to your content okay then it’s on your device if you say I want to have it only in the cloud they’re only switch to pointer the attributes to a different state makes it available hey it’s only in the cloud and delete the pointer. Therefore that makes space for other things that’s the only information and that’s so easy if you understand it I’m not the absolute specialist but that’s the simplified things and if the people see that Y R PowerPoint file is oh so easy but they don’t know it and sometimes the newspapers also write the wrong thing it will be synchronized again no all the files are synced always they only make and look for the latest moment it’s the same this file on your device and the other one and then they say delete the pointer or change the attributes done. Right that’s fine it’s on-demand.

Christian: Yeah it’s been it’s been fantastic it was like a lot of it so I have a device my primary travel device it’s the smaller to my surface pro and so it’s got that split this smaller SSD drive yep it’s all state drive you know I don’t have all this space for that to happen to carry all that with me but I’m able to go and say likes an event like this to say look I have one presentation I’m giving I might just in case you all have it there so it’s synced it’s in the cloud it’s also local there case something happens I don’t have access to the you know to the network for some reason I’ve got it locally there but everything else that I’m working on those files I’m going to lead out in the cloud I don’t want to rely on a failure of the system to have it locally but I want to be able to get to those things.

Hans: So these small devices you go and journey you have to look do I have to present what and work lights are there that must be present if you have no internet you can guard so.

Christian: And there are people there’s a couple MVPs that travel only with their phones they will present they will plug in and present you know.

Hans: Microsoft have such nice Surface go it is perfect no therefore and I also talk about SharePoint Saturday in Munich about the cloud in my handbag and after it and ignite the tourists it’s the same situation it’s for the ladies the clouds at the handbag sorry the cloud is although that’s how it is for everyone yeah but the thing is it’s about that you have it the smallest device in your handbag you can have that and you can present you can outlook there and something else you can communicate or teams that’s the most important thing you need an internet and if you have offline you need such things like a PowerPoint presentation offline that you say always available.

Christian: So Hans people want to find out more about this I mean do you have some content out there to point them towards where do they go to find out more about the latest with OneDrive. Do you have something or do you point people to a Microsoft resource?

Hans: Yes, that’s the first thing no that’s not the first thing I write some articles there I think now 800 in two languages. The first thing is although I have to say hey Microsoft now has a lot of things done means Docs dot Microsoft dot com yep you have to go down one drive button and then you have all things are there and I have looked for that that the articles are well-formed because Microsoft doesn’t understand the journal language. Yes I can translate but it doesn’t fit open the meaning about that right I cannot do it for other languages like Italian and so on but I can look in there and that means that’s a good thing and also they make some most important things that make some not most but sometimes you have to look for them the ones I have synced up that’s a web start doing I think monthly and that are new people behind the scene the engineers that present all this stuff the news because it’s never too late to see that and each time it comes something new right or in Ignite we have a big bang but this time comes up and that means yes I do not have to see in the 100 gigabyte but I have to wait about that you can do that you have to build a file but anyway it will come and you see that you have to finish up therefore that’s the most important things that I know and sometimes are writing although the different portions so yesterday people are like hey we have problems so and looked about that I do not have the problems I have the same but today I have a new version so that was a problem and Microsoft’s finished justice the next generation sync like this.

Christian: Yeah some people were complaining to me this morning about problems they’re having with teams and I just said it all works for me Shane it all works for me. So I just needed to get back to them like just to wait over time there might be something else that’s being updated and it could be resolved if not but then I also look at that and say well if it’s working for me it’s somebody else’s problem but you know about this it’s the same thing.

Hans: You know about that team’s is only a client because they have some exchange they have some SharePoint and if you’re on SharePoint the files are still synchronized but it’s only a click and we have it on your machine.

Christian: Right exactly so we really appreciate your time today to talk again go out to your blog to find more information I know you talk to and are plugged into the community and as always to find your experts on the topics around OneDrive you know it’s so Hans is a great resource for that. Hans is one of those great people that like a lot of the MVPs where even if he doesn’t know the answer he knows somebody who knows the answer and so definitely reach out and connect.

Hans: So yesterday if you talk about people claiming here the MVPs yeah I think about the old days if I started eight years ago so yes you have to sit oh so many MVPs what is where remembering the frost MVP summit and so on that’s you have to learn that nowadays if I can time zone Mr. OneDrive is in town and that is okay you can remember but you have to learn again and therefore I make a putt in the future that ties not so long I have bot you can do including in teams Mr. OneDrive has a bot yeah we’re busy.

Christian: All right well thanks a lot for your time.

Hans: Okay thank you so much.

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