4 Tips To Get C-level Support For Your Workflow Automation Projects

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Imagine that a brilliant idea for a business-changing project strikes. You have carefully examined its value, realize its potential, and you’re determined to bring it to life. Then reality hits: a lack of budget, support, time, or resources, you name it. As a result, your innovative idea never sees the light of day. Sound familiar? If the answer is Yesthis e-book will be a real game-changer! Learn these 4 proven tips to maximize your chances for a green light from C-level management for your workflow automation projects.

You will learn:

  • What are the 3 most popular roadblocks you may encounter when trying to sell your idea within your organization
  • What needs to be included in a business case
  • Who is the Project Sponsor and how to win him over to join your case
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