A Developer’s Guide to .NET in Azure: Build quick, scalable cloud-native applications and microservices with .NET 6.0 and Azure

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Explore the transformative realm of Microsoft Azure tailored specifically for .NET developers with “A Developer’s Guide to .NET in Azure.” This meticulously curated compendium serves as your roadmap to mastering the art of creating resilient, scalable, and highly available applications in the Azure ecosystem.

Organized into four insightful parts, the book begins with Part 1, where Azure is demystified, emphasizing the portal’s utility and seamless integration. This section guides you through configuring your workspace to achieve optimal synergy with Azure. Moving on to Part 2, you’ll delve into serverless computing, microservices, containerization, Dapr, and Azure Kubernetes Service. Discover how to build pragmatic and cost-effective applications using Azure Functions and Container apps to achieve scalability.

Part 3 is dedicated to data and storage, demonstrating how to leverage Azure Blob Storage for unstructured data, Azure SQL Database for structured data, and Azure Cosmos DB for document-oriented data. The final part, Part 4, covers messaging and security. Learn to implement Azure App Configuration, Event Hubs, Service Bus, Key Vault, and Azure AD B2C to create robust, secure applications.

By the book’s conclusion, you will have honed your skills in utilizing Azure’s responsive infrastructure, empowering you to craft exceptional applications.

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