Embrace the Digital Transformation through Workflow Automation with WEBCON BPS 2019

We’ve gotten to the point where the phrase “go digital or go home” has become a cliché. Today, the majority of organizations have already taken on the challenge of implementing new technologies in order to carry out their digital transformations. It’s no longer a question of if businesses will go digital, but how.

According to Gartner, two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive. This continuously growing awareness comes with ever increasing demands from software solutions and other tech tools to help stay ahead of the curve. This is why companies that provide process-centric applications for businesses are becoming more innovative than ever, helping organizations that embrace the digital transformation thrive.

One platform – countless possibilities

WEBCON is one of the leading providers of low-code digital process automation platform. The latest release of WEBCON BPS (Business Process Suite) helps businesses overhaul their workflow and business application management to stay at the cutting edge of technological advances. It lets you manage, automate and optimize all processes, from supportive to business critical, across every department with no need for coding. With WEBCON BPS you drag, drop, and save to experience the digital transformation through a modern, intuitive interface. From HR, sales, and marketing to finance and IT, you can quickly and efficiently optimize business processes across departments and locations. With the revolutionary InstantChange™ technology, changes are implemented immediately and in real time, redefining all stages of the business application lifestyle and ensuring future-proof applications that both admins and users love.

WEBCON is dedicated to making the WEBCON BPS platform the ultimate business process management suite, releasing a new version every year in response to ever-changing market demands, the needs of users, and emerging technological capabilities.

“We live in times where the only constant is change. We work with companies that are conscious of that and are determined to use it to their advantage. But to do that, they need the right tools. Unmanaged and chaotic processes result in time waste, errors and missing data that lead to frustrated employees and customers. WEBCON BPS eliminates those risks through effective change management, helping businesses to continuously improve their processes and, as a result, gain competitive advantage. At WEBCON, we’re determined to help organizations achieve their goals, that’s why we release a major version update every year to answer their needs.” – says Lukasz Wrobel, Vice President and CBDO at WEBCON.

WEBCON BPS Portal: a highly intuitive digital desktop that brings together all your key information into a central interface.

WEBCON BPS Portal: a highly intuitive digital desktop that brings together all your key information into a central interface.

WEBCON BPS 2019: a new benchmark in business process management

So what’s new in WEBCON BPS 2019? It all starts with the new WEBCON BPS Portal, a highly intuitive digital desktop that brings together all your key information into a central interface. It features an ultra-fast search engine, AI-based enhancements, clearly structured navigation and presentation layer personalization.

“User interface is an extremely important factor that determines whether employees fall in love with a new IT solution or reject it. It significantly impacts end user adoption rates and we’ve heard multiple cases of setbacks and failures to introduce innovations because of that. WEBCON BPS Portal, a digital desktop area and a central hub gathering all the tasks, documents and applications in on place, is built following the latest UX design trends, that’s why it looks and feels instinctively familiar to end users, contributing to user adoption increase and resulting in successful implementation.”  – explains Lukasz Wrobel.

Introducing a whole new level of integration

The new release offers a completely re-engineered integration with Office 365 making WEBCON BPS 2019 a perfect fit for clients opting for a full-cloud scenario. SharePoint remains the recommended choice, however users also have the option of a SharePoint-free installation and B2B framework, allowing to embed parts of the applications into external systems.

Other powerful new features include:

  • The introduction of business applications as a concept. You can now combine workflows, forms, business logic, integrations, reports and navigation into a single package which is easy to deploy, move between environments, use and maintain,
  • Process flow analysis that lets you verify the number of workflow elements created in a specified time interval, counts the number of entries into a specific step, and the number of tracked passages,
  • A more advanced export/import mechanism.

Explore all the new features available via WEBCON BPS 2019 Overview.

“We know that for our Clients time is money. That’s why we ensure that WEBCON BPS lets them react quickly to occurring market opportunities, operate more efficiently on a daily basis and grow their business with effective change management. With a short learning curve and no need for any programming skills, WEBCON BPS is the perfect tool for managing business processes in every organization. And what’s great about it is that you can start small with just a single process, and find out if it’s the right solution for your company and easily scale from there. We bet it is.” – Lukasz Wrobel concludes.

If you’d like to learn more about WEBCON BPS and try it out for free, click here or get in touch with WEBCON directly.

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