Managing Change And Business Processes: A Report by Computerworld and WEBCON

Although solutions that digitally support business processes are becoming increasingly popular, there is still a lot of work ahead in this booming industry. This is an executive summary of the “Managing Change and Business Processes” report, prepared by IDG, publisher of the COMPUTERWORLD magazine, in cooperation with WEBCON.

Managing Change And Business Processes: A Report by Computerworld and WEBCON

Nowadays, the management of change and business processes in organizations is a key factor for the development and optimization of their day to day functioning. The editorial team of Computerworld prepared a report on the efficiency of business process management in medium and large organizations, in cooperation with WEBCON. Among other things, the report identified the overall popularity of BPM solutions, what benefits companies achieve by implementing these types of platforms, which areas of business they most often support, and what are the most important challenges and problems related to business process management.

The overall assessment of process management and change among the researched companies is optimistic. The vast majority of respondents, nearly 90%, positively assess the efficiency and flexibility of business process management in their organization. The assessment of change management in organizations was similar, with 85% of respondents responding positively.

36% of the surveyed organizations shared that they had implemented a BPM-class platform to manage business processes and change, of which nearly all had been using it for a year or more. A further 29% of respondents declared that their company is currently implementing or seriously considering implementing this type of solution in their organizations.

Among the many positive effects of implementing a BPM solution, efficient change management is one of the most noticed and appreciated by IT and business, comments Łukasz Wróbel from WEBCON. Honestly, today every company needs business applications to efficiently implement changes, new procedures and business models. The best BPM platforms allow you to deliver these types of solutions much faster, in an iterative way, which is more partner-friendly and conducive to a DevOps culture. When implementing changes is no longer costly or time-consuming, cooperation between IT and decision makers is improved and less stressful. New ideas to improve everyday work and long-term business processes begin to flow. In this way, IT departments become not only an equal partner in business, but also corporate superheroes.

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