[#ESPC15] Part 4: More sessions on PowerShell and OneDrive, and see you next year!

That’s a good exercise to take the time to try to remember almost three months later what were the most impacting moment of a past conference. I usually try to publish and comment live or very soon after each conferences, but this year was so special, I hadn’t time yet to close this series of blog posts.

So what were the hottest topics at ESPC15 ? If I had to choose two amongst all I would keep PowerShell and  OneDrive.

  • One good way to answer this question is to go on my twitter and there the hottest topic was certainly this tweet on PNP new PowerShell cmdlets (they can be reached here). Their greatest value to my mind is coming from the fact that they can be used for SharePoint online AND SharePoint on-premises. It was demonstrated at a great session by Erwin Van Hunen.



and this schema summarize most of the things:


On this topic, the blog of Hans Brender is very rich and detailed: https://hansbrender.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/next-generation-sync-client-ready-for-enterprise/

That’s definitely the great points I want to remember before submitting to #ESPC16 that will take place in Vienna 14 to 17 November 2016. Event if the greatest value of ANY of these conferences are the networking activity we can launch here.

The call for speakers for ESPC16 is open up to 26th February 2016:


To see parts 1-3 of this amazing series by Patrick Guimonet please view:

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