European SharePoint Conference – Day 1

First out among this year’s 100+ breakout sessions was Jasper Oosterveld from the Netherlands with “External Collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer”.

Jasper did a great job showing the audience the powerful tools within SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Yammer that a modern, open organization can use to get efficient collaboration going with customers and partners.

Many in the audience were eager to hear what Microsoft’s stand is on Yammer vs SharePoint newsfeed, and Jasper was able to clarify at least a little of the mist coming from Redmond. With Microsoft’s heavy investments in integrating Yammer with the Office Suite and the non-development of the SharePoint newsfeed it is pretty clear that once Yammer is ready for SharePoint, Microsoft will come clear on the future of social for SharePoint.

With Jasper’s session cloud, social and mobile are coming together in a nice way and that it is a hot topic for the conference attendees was showed in the number of experienced-based and engaged questions.

Matt Berg delivered some strong and credible arguments for why we should make the effort to convince our organizations to move to the cloud asap in his session “Why NOW is the Time to Move to Office 365”.

Reaching us on a personal level with “no one ever gets promoted for making sure that SharePoint runs well in the organization” Matt wants us to leave the hosting and infrastructure to Microsoft and get engaged in the projects where we really can create value to the organization (and to ourselves: work should be fun!).

Matt shared some powerful client stories on how the Social Enterprise functions in the cloud, with an improved flexibility and responsiveness of operation, increased empowerment of the people and better data discovery within the organization.

The matrix for combatting Social Overload (see picture) was a main take away: depending on the audience size and the urgency, the user will be helped to determine which sharing tool to use. Our users need much more constructive advice like this one.

And having briefly introduced us to “Codename: Oslo” Matt made us look forward to Christian Buckley and Mark Kashman’s keynote tomorrow morning.


Matt Berg


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