How to Manage Your Microsoft 365 Tenant and SharePoint Framework Projects from Any Platform

It’s a common challenge for IT admins and developers when managing or setting up Microsoft 365: finding, and learning to work with the various scripting tools and PowerShell modules available for all the different Microsoft 365 services.

In many cases, these are PowerShell modules, and they sometimes only work on Windows. And once you have the right module, you may find that you need yet another module for certain settings.

CLI for Microsoft 365 to the rescue! ‘CLI for Microsoft 365’ is an open-source, community-built, cross-platform solution. A command line interface that makes it easier for administrators and developers to read, manage or set up their Microsoft 365 tenant on any platform, through a single installation and a unified login that provides access to all Microsoft 365 workloads.

In this session, you will learn:
– How to install the CLI for Microsoft 365.
– How to connect to your Microsoft 365 tenant
– How to execute commands on different shells such as bash & PowerShell
– How to automate your work with the CLI for Microsoft 365
– How to upgrade your SharePoint Framework (SPFx) projects
– How to use the CLI for Microsoft in Azure Functions
– The benefits of using the CLI for Microsoft 365 compared to other tools
– How to contribute to the open source project

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