Power Automate Advanced Patterns and Best Practices with Doctor Flow: Be Ready for 2024!

You have used Power Automate before; this session is for you; for years, you have created, deployed, and perhaps supported cloud flows in production. Then, following this session, you are ready to learn more and move your knowledge to the next level. In this intensive session, Doctor Flow, aka Serge Luca, will summarize and illustrate (with plenty of demos) the key features, patterns, tips, and tricks that you need to be aware of flow/Power Automate if you want to shine and deliver a successful scalable and secure Flow/Power Automate projects with the Power Platform.

Serge has tested most of these practices across multiple enterprise Power Platform projects since 2016 and included them in his famous Power Platform unified governance framework. He will also demonstrate new Power Automate features introduced by Microsoft in 2023 and will prepare you for 2024.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Patterns & best practices
  2. Power Automate
  3. New features
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