The Ultimate Office 365 “Sharing” Breakdown

Clarity on all things related to sharing in Office 365. This session aims to uncover every possibility and every unknowns in Office 365. When you have Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive or products backed by an underlying identity model called Office 365 Groups, it’s important to know what happens when people share stuff.

Attend the session to understand:

– How it all works across all products

– Where you can manage permissions

– How they work when they are combined with multiple products

– Best Practices depending on the collaboration scenarios

– How to automate as much as you can to scale

Get a better understanding to better protect the work that happens in your Office 365.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get a free book on sharing in Office 365
  2. Best Practices for protection of content
  3. Clarity on how everything works
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