Expert Views on Seth Patton’s Exciting News on SharePoint Server 2016

Last week Seth Patton uploaded a blog discussing more details of SharePoint Server 2016. We now have an official launch expectation of some time in Q2 of 2016!

We asked Michael Greth & André Vala to share their views on Seth Patton’s article “SharePoint Server 2016 Update” and discuss what does this mean for the SharePoint & Office 365 community. Here is their views;

SharePoint Server 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 Focus Areas

 Michael Greth;“There are 3 Things I like about the article: first, Microsoft seems to have finally understand that for lot’s of customers On-premise is still a major way to go, second Microsoft is committed to SharePoint On-Premise for the foreseeable future, and third general availability in Q2 2016 means that Microsoft focuses on reliability and quality than on speed.”

SharePoint Server 2016

Michael Greth


André Vala; “SharePoint 2016 is still one year away and a lot of hype is already building around it. The Ignite Conference is just around the corner and, hopefully, we’ll get to see what’s coming. Seth Patton’s article lifts the veil just a little bit and confirms some of the suspicions that were already spread.

SharePoint Server 2016

Andre Vala


Microsoft understood that many organizations are not ready or not willing to move to the cloud, for a variety of reasons, and, for that reason, SharePoint 2016 will have a strong focus on hybrid scenarios, where you can keep your data on-premises and still take advantage of some of the cloud-only features, such as Delve and the Office Graph.

Modern approvals in Office 365 with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams
SharePoint always had a clear focus on collaboration and productivity, and that will not change for the new on-premises release. Improved user experience, particularly for mobile access, data loss prevention, improved monitoring and analytics, deeper integration with Yammer and Exchange, all contribute to making SharePoint an even better platform for collaboration.

Personally, I believe Microsoft has listened and is going down the right path. Some might think it’s taking too long, but I rather wait longer and get the best possible experience.”

Would you agree with with Michael and André? Please leave a comment below..

SharePoint Server 2016

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