GitHub backup – Which approach is the best?

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GitHub backup – Which approach is the best?

GitHub backup – Which approach is the best?

Webinar Description:   Are you aware of your GitHub data security? How to protect your source code and which option is the best one? This presentation sheds light on professional GitHub backup as well as other possible ways to make your data safe. Find out the pros and cons of each approach. Learn DevOps backup best practices to ensure Disaster Recovery, eliminate downtime, and avoid loss of productivity.

Benefits of attending the webinar:

This session equips you with knowledge about GitHub data backup and recovery. You will get to know:

  • Why it’s important to backup your GitHub data,
  • Different ways to backup your GitHub,
  • Data backup and recovery best practices,
  • Backup insights from professionals.

This webinar will include a short demo of GitProtect, a DevOps backup and disaster recovery platform.

Speaker Bio:  Gzregorz is a world-class backup expert, also interested in algorithms and data encryption technologies who freely combines the world of advanced technology with business.

Experience:  Level 200

Audience:  IT Pro, BDM, End User



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