Five Powerful Tools to Enhance your SharePoint Content Management Initiatives

Have you analyzed your SharePoint Content management
challenges and realized that it takes too much effort, wastes
valuable dollars, is not being adopted by your users or does not
fulfill the needs of your organization? Read how the Microsoft
Content Management Partner of the Year, KnowledgeLake addresses
these concerns with Enterprise Content Management solutions for

Save electronic documents to SharePoint
from any desktop
application. Connect enables users to save content on an ad-hoc
basis – such as Office documents, PDF files and email messages in a
single step. Improve user adoption and empower everyone in the
organization to be content contributors.

Capture – Comprehensive solution for the
capture of paper documents into your SharePoint business
. Paper-based document management can be a significant
expense for enterprises. Searching through paper files is
time-consuming, and always there’s the risk that information may be
misfiled or lost. What’s more, the costs of storing and
distributing paper documents can be excessive. KnowledgeLake
Capture is a high-volume, production-level capture system designed
to eliminate these problems.

Imaging Search – Provide easy document access
for your knowledge workers with
pre-configured or flexible search
scenarios using full-text
keywords or document metadata. Empower your users with faster and
more precise search results, reducing the time and effort to find
the right information in your SharePoint libraries.

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Imaging Viewer
View your content faster
with the high-speed SharePoint viewer.
Use a single document viewer to view common document types from
SharePoint; such as PDF, TIFF, Office documents and most image
formats. Gain an enhanced viewing experience with side-by-side
viewing, view multiple documents, creating Document Sets,
annotations, bookmarks and encryption.

Workflow – Unlock the full potential of your
ECM solution, empower users across the company to
automate business processes in Microsoft SharePoint

About KnowledgeLake KnowledgeLake develops
document imaging related products and solutions for SharePoint.
KnowledgeLake extends the ECM capabilities of SharePoint, enabling
businesses to reduce mailing costs, streamline operations, and
achieve regulatory compliance using familiar Microsoft products
that most businesses already own and use. KnowledgeLake products
and solutions are deployed globally in thousands of organizations
in many different horizontal and vertical industry sectors
including public sector, healthcare, financial services,
transportation and more. For more information, visit

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