How to install SharePoint Subscription Edition step by step on Hyper-V | Part 1 of 5

The new version of SharePoint sever is already available and despite the new features and the new product life cycle, the installation is not a straightforward task and there are a lot of requirements and dependencies involved in the process.

In this article you will find visual instructions to install it on a Hyper-V virtual machine, keep in mind that an installation like this should be used just for testing or development purposes.

How to install SharePoint Subscription Edition step by step on Hyper-V

This article has 5 different sections that will guide you through the installation process step by step, to accomplish it you will need to:

  1. Install and Configure Hyper-V
  2. Install Windows Server 2022
  3. Install Active Directory Domain Services
  4. Install SQL Server 2019
  5. Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

If you don’t have yet all the licenses or ISO files to accomplish the installation you can download trial versions of everything:

Note: You can use the following trial product keys. The trial period is 180 days. You can convert to a licensed installation at any time during the trial or after the trial has expired by entering the appropriate product key in Central Administration.

SharePoint Server Standard Trial: KGN4V-82BMC-H383V-QJVFT-VCHJ7

SharePoint Server Enterprise Trial: VW2FM-FN9FT-H22J4-WV9GT-H8VKF

Project Server Trial: WD6NX-PGRBH-3FQ88-BRBVC-8XFTV

Create the Virtual Machine and Configure Hyper-V

  1. Install Hyper-V on your computer following the instructions available here
  2. Open Hyper-V Manager
  3. Right click on the name of the server and then New -> Virtual Machine
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  4. On the Before you Begin click next
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  5. Provide a name and a location for your machine, make sure you have enough free space on the drive you select
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  6. Select Generation 2 for the virtual machine
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  7. Assign the maximum memory possible for the VM, I do not recommend anything less than 8GB
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  8. On the Configuring Network, select your Virtual Switch and click next. If you don’t know how to create a virtual switch to share your internet connection with your virtual machine have a look here.
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  9. Create a new virtual hard disk, adjust the size to your needs
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  10. Select Install an operating system later
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  11. Click Finish to end the creation process
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  12. Once the machine is created open the Hyper-V manager, right click on the new machine and then click on Settings…
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  13. Select the processor and adjust the number of virtual processors to increase performance, by default it is set to one
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  14. Click in the SCSI Controller, select DVD Drive and click Add
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  15. From the DVD Drive select Image file and then select your Windows Server 2022 iso file
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition
  16. Click OK, and then start the Virtual Machine
    Install SharePoint Subscription Edition

Proceed to the installation of Windows Server 2022

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Ferreira, J. (2021). How to install SharePoint Subscription Edition step by step on Hyper-V | Part 1 of 5. Available at: [Accessed: 12th September 2021].

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