How To Get Started With Power Pages

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How To Get Started With Power Pages

How To Get Started With Power Pages

Speaker: Nick Doelman, MVP

This How To video talks about Microsoft Power Pages, a platform for building websites on the Microsoft Power Platform, specifically designed for external stakeholders such as customers, members, partners, volunteers, etc., who need access to data.

Nick Dolman, a Microsoft MVP from Canada, provides an overview of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Power Pages, including:

  1. Design and Build Tools: Power Pages offers tools for designing and building websites, including developer tools and built-in security management.
  2. Authentication Management: Users can manage authentication methods and control who has access to the website from external stakeholders.
  3. Access to Microsoft Dataverse: Power Pages allows direct access to Microsoft Dataverse from an external-facing perspective, enabling users to leverage the power of Dataverse data.

The video demonstrates how to create a website using Power Pages, starting from the homepage and choosing templates or starting from a blank canvas. The speaker walks through various features such as styling, data integration from Microsoft Dataverse, and setting up security permissions. Nick highlights the ease and efficiency of using Power Pages, showcasing the ability to create a functional website within a short timeframe, compared to traditional development methods.

Viewers will gain practical knowledge about how to use Microsoft Power Pages to create websites for external stakeholders and understand its benefits in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and data integration.



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