How to migrate information from documentation to SharePoint Online

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How to migrate information from documentation to SharePoint Online

How to migrate information from documentation to SharePoint Online

Are you seeking a streamlined solution to migrate your data from one content management system to another? Join us in this insightful video as Alvaro, a migration engineer at Xillio, walks you through the process of migrating information from Documentum to SharePoint Online.

In this video, Alvaro presents a brief overview of the migration process from OpenText Documentum to SharePoint Online. Alvaro explains how to use Xillio’s latest tool Xill4 to extract data, use Xillio Insights to analyse the extracted information, and demonostrate how the data transformation can fit the SharePoint environment.

As we delve into the technical aspects, you’ll gain valuable insights into configuring source connectors and addressing credentials for a smooth data extraction process. Witness the transformation of data, including considerations such as handling invalid characters and managing multiple parent IDs, crucial for a successful migration to SharePoint Online.

The video also highlights the significance of Xillio Insights Dashboards, which leverage the extracted data to offer a comprehensive overview. Learn how these dashboards aid in understanding your data’s size, departmental breakdowns, and the popularity of different file types, providing essential business insights.

Discover how Xillio simplifies the data transformation process, making data ready for SharePoint Online by replacing invalid characters with underscores. Witness the successful migration process as Alvaro loads the transformed data onto the SharePoint side.

This video guides you through the entire journey, from data extraction and transformation to the final loading process, ensuring a flawless migration to SharePoint Online. Alvaro offers essential knowledge to enhance your understanding of data migration to SharePoint Online. Get ready to make your data migration a success with Xillio’s expertise.


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