Microsoft Build 2023 Roundup: 5 Major AI and Bing Chat Announcements

Last week saw the annual Microsoft Build conference take place and we are here to round it all up for you! But first, what is Microsoft Build? If you’re new to the Dev scene or haven’t heard of this epic event, let us fill you in. Microsoft Build is the annual flagship conference event for developers held by none other than Microsoft itself. It’s a powerhouse showcase of the new and improved cutting-edge Microsoft dev tools and services, carefully curated to empower developers, both in the present and for what lies ahead.

We know there was a lot (a LOT!!) to take in from Build last week, but don’t worry, because this blog post is your ultimate guide to help you navigate through the latest and greatest announcements from Build 2023 and offer some critical details on the key announcements you might be most interested in!

So without further ado, what came out of Microsoft Build 2023? Let’s take a look…

This year’s Microsoft Build features a fantastic line-up of news and some exciting announcements. But before we dive into the latest Microsoft Build announcements, can we just take a moment to address the fact that Charles Lamanna announced that there are over 33 million monthly active users of Power Platform!! Sounds like Power Platform is getting bigger by the day!

Microsoft Build 2023: Charles Lamanna announces 33 million monthly active Power Platform users.
Image: Heather Cook Twitter

Anyways… back to it! Here is your roundup, and our top 5 announcements from Microsoft Build 2023. Let’s go!

1. Bing to ChatGPT

Satya Nadella announces Microsoft are bringing Bing to ChatGPT
Image: Microsoft

Satya Nadella announced in his keynote session at Microsoft Build that Microsoft will be bringing Bing to ChatGPT. This advancement will bring the best of Bing to the default ChatGPT experience. This will give you higher quality and more timely answers. This is going to launch in ChatGPT+ immediately and it is quickly coming even in the free tier. Satya announced that this is just the start of many big things they plan to do with their partners in OpenAI to bring the best of Bing to the ChatGPT experience.

Yusuf Mehdi took the stage during Satya’s keynote session to explain all this greatness. So how will this Bing integration work? Yusuf explained that when you select Bing as the default in ChatGPT you can ask it real-time queries, for example, you could ask it something like “What can I expect to hear at The European Power Platform Conference 2023?” We tried and tested this out by asking ChatGPT with Bing search for you – take a look for yourself below!

Example of real time queries and real time answers with citations using Bing to ChatGPT

What you can see here is that the results are more up to date. They include fresh content and they include citations as you can see by the green links. If you click these green links, it will take you directly to a webpage that’s sourced by Bing. Now, answers are grounded by search and web data and include citations so users can learn more, all directly from within chat. The new experience is rolling out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers starting today and will be available to free users soon by simply enabling a plugin.

2. Bing Chat Plugins

During the event, Yusuf took the stage to reveal an exciting development – the introduction of plugins to Windows, creating a seamless integration between ChatGPT and Bing. This ground-breaking interoperability ensures that plugins can be written once and run across both platforms. Now, you can enjoy the same set of plugins in Bing Chat and ChatGPT, maximizing convenience and efficiency. Embracing the open plugin standard introduced by OpenAI for ChatGPT, Microsoft is fostering interoperability not only within ChatGPT but also across the extensive range of Microsoft’s Copilot offerings.

Expanding on the concept of plugins, Microsoft revealed a slew of new additions coming to Bing Chat. Soon, users will have access to plugins like Expedia, Kayak, and Zillow, offering enhanced functionality and an enriched user experience. What’s more, developers now have the power to integrate their own applications within Windows Copilot. This means a single platform can be used to build plugins that seamlessly operate across consumer and business surfaces, encompassing ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot (in preview), and Microsoft 365 Copilot (in preview). By default, any AI app developed using Azure OpenAI Service will effortlessly adhere to this interoperable plugin standard, empowering developers to create experiences that enable natural language interaction between users and their applications.

Microsoft Build 2023: Microsoft announces new Windows plugins
Image: Microsoft

As part of this shared plugin platform, Bing is expanding its support for plugins beyond the previously announced OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha. Expect to see renowned names like Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, Zillow, and many more joining the thriving Bing ecosystem. The possibilities for seamless integration and enriching user experiences are now boundless.

3. Windows Copilot

Microsoft Build 2023: Satya announces Copilot for Windows
Image: Microsoft

Copilot is coming to the biggest canvas of all – Windows! Microsoft is revolutionising the way we interact with our computers. This ground-breaking development marks a significant milestone in the evolution of operating systems, as Windows 11 becomes the first OS to adopt such a comprehensive AI assistant. With the assistance of Windows Copilot, the operating system becomes a powerful ally in navigating the digital landscape and ensuring optimal productivity.

By seamlessly integrating Bing Chat and a vast collection of plugins from both first- and third-party sources, Windows is placing the emphasis back on unleashing your creativity, conquering complex projects, and collaborating seamlessly. Windows Copilot has now been carefully crafted to be your trusted digital companion, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver personalised assistance across all your Windows applications. Whether it’s providing tech support, summarising documents, suggesting music, or answering your burning questions, this AI-powered tool operates as the ultimate search engine and chatbot combined.

During the announcement, Satya expressed his belief that the introduction of Copilot to Windows will make every user a power user of Windows. The anticipation is high and we eagerly await the exciting possibilities this synergy will unlock.

Mark your calendars, as Windows 11 Copilot is set to grace our screens in a preview release this June. Brace yourself for a future where Windows becomes your indispensable partner in conquering the digital realm. We are very excited to see what’s to come!

4. The Copilot Stack

Microsoft Build 2023: Satya announces Copilot stack for developers
Image: Microsoft

Satya also unveiled in his keynote session at this year’s Microsoft Build that they are very excited to launch the Copilot stack. Microsoft has constructed a unified architectural stack for all Copilots, enabling developers to create their very own Copilots tailored to their applications. This comprehensive solution encompasses AI infrastructure, foundation models, AI orchestration, and extends all the way to the core of your Copilot, ensuring unparalleled extensibility.

Microsoft is also taking the concept of extensibility to new heights by establishing a common framework across various platforms, including ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and the entire suite of Microsoft Copilots. Developers can now harness the power of writing a single plugin that can reach billions of users across these diverse surfaces. This unified extensibility model is a game-changer, opening doors to vast opportunities for developers to create experiences that transcend boundaries.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • Copilot in Power BI, currently in preview, promises to elevate your data analysis experience to unprecedented heights.
  • Copilot in Power Pages, also in preview, is set to revolutionise your interaction with dynamic content and presentations.
  • Prepare for the arrival of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric, an upcoming preview that brings AI-fication to Microsoft’s data business, unlocking a whole new level of possibilities.
  • Windows Copilot will make its grand entrance into the preview phase next month, offering a glimpse into the seamless integration of AI assistance within the Windows ecosystem.

The future is brimming with endless possibilities as the Copilot revolution unfolds. Brace yourself for a journey where innovation knows no bounds!

5. Azure AI Studio

Get ready to be blown away by Azure AI Studio, the ultimate toolchain for developers to unleash their potential in building intelligent AI apps and Copilots. This comprehensive platform covers every step of the development lifecycle, empowering you to train your own models, ground them using your own data, and harness a multitude of powerful features.

Microsoft’s dedication to AI safety is obvious as Satya revealed the tireless efforts invested by Microsoft over the past five years. They have developed a set of principles that form the bedrock of their engineering processes, ensuring the integration of AI safety across their entire stack.

Satya announces Azure AI Studio at Build 2023
Image: Microsoft

Azure AI Studio boasts an array of cutting-edge features designed to support security, compliance, and responsible AI practices. From the testing feature that aids security and compliance to the responsible AI dashboard and prompt flow grounding, every aspect is meticulously crafted to empower you in building safe and robust models. The inclusion of provenance features, including media support in Bing and Designer, further enhances the transparency and traceability of your application.

When it comes to deployment, Microsoft’s commitment to safety shines through. Drawing from their experience with the launch of Bing chat, they have curated a comprehensive set of features available to all developers. By leveraging the AI safety service during deployment, you can ensure the utmost safety and security of your models. Additionally, the ability to monitor model drift guarantees continuous and secure deployment.

With Azure AI Studio, you can rest assured that safety comes first. This exciting and reassuring platform equips every developer with the tools and capabilities needed to build applications that push the boundaries of AI while prioritizing the well-being and security of users.

Let’s Sum It All Up…

To sum it all up, Microsoft Build 2023 showcased a series of major AI and Bing Chat announcements that are set to shape the future of development. The event demonstrated Microsoft’s commitment to empowering developers and revolutionising the way we interact with technology. From integrating Bing into ChatGPT to introducing plugins for seamless integration across platforms, Microsoft is fostering interoperability and convenience for users and developers alike. The arrival of Copilot in Windows marks a significant milestone, as Windows 11 becomes the first operating system to adopt such a comprehensive AI assistant, promising enhanced productivity and creativity. As well as this, Azure AI Studio showcases Microsoft’s dedication to AI safety and offers developers a comprehensive toolchain to build intelligent AI apps. As we look to the future, the possibilities are limitless, and the Copilot revolution looks like it promises innovation that goes beyond normal limits. It sounds like we should be getting ready for an exciting journey where AI takes centre stage!

If you made it this far then thank you for joining us on this roundup of the major AI and Bing Chat announcements from Microsoft Build 2023! We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the ground-breaking developments and opportunities that lie ahead. With these advancements, developers can push the boundaries of what’s possible and create transformative experiences for users across diverse platforms. As we venture into this exciting future, we invite you to stay tuned and witness the remarkable evolution of technology through the lens of Microsoft’s visionary approach.


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