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Microsoft 365 Copilot
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What’s all the Talk About Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Recently, Microsoft announced a soon-to-be addition to the 365 family of apps – Microsoft 365 Copilot. Built with Chat GPT 4 and Microsoft Graphs, it can be integrated into your everyday Microsoft 365 applications such as Excel, Outlook, Power Platform, PowerPoint, Teams and Word to help you perform better.  

“Today marks the next major step in the evolution of how we interact with computing, which will fundamentally change the way we work and unlock a new wave of productivity growth,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft.

Spataro, J., 2023

The future-focus and understanding that Microsoft has of the power of the next generation of AI is commendable. In essence, Microsoft’s Copilots’ distinctive capabilities allow it to feed off your previous communications across your Microsoft 365 apps.   

What’s the best part? The outputs generated by the Copilot happen under the influence of natural language making the process begin through your words and be led by your direction.  

Remain in Charge of your Business Objectives  

Rest assured; you are still in power. Hence the name ‘Copilot’ which means the pilot who responds to the commands of the chief pilot; in this case, you. In fact, you are not confined to use the values Copilot highlights to you from your prompt. You have the power to edit, remove or add to the values Microsoft Copilot makes from your prompt which makes it a user-friendly tool. 

Your Helping Hand  

Let’s be honest, we all desire a little inspiration occasionally. Luckily, Microsoft Copilot can provide exactly that. The Copilots’ ability to quickly analyse your large datasets and select and structure accordingly reduces your time spent on manual tasks like searching through your daily apps. Save yourself time and energy with the Copilot. 

With a simple natural language prompt, visualise data and analyse trends on Excel, break down your email threads into digestible pieces and draft a bite sized response on Outlook, automate manual tasks on Power Platform, create an aesthetic presentation of your projects on PowerPoint and capture the key takeaways said by whom from your last business meeting on Teams in a matter of seconds receive a head start on your Word documents. The opportunities are endless – these are only a small number of examples from a large selection of capabilities of the Microsoft Copilot.  

Top Tip: be as specific as possible to your subject matter when inputting your question to the Microsoft Copilot. At the end of the day, machines are only as good as what we feed them. Human handling is and will always be at the forefront to allow for AI to work efficiently and effectively.  

Release and Pricing  

In saying that, the Microsoft Copilot has not yet been fully released to the public yet. It is in the test marketing phase of its product development. It’s being sampled by a small group to make improvements where necessary. The scale launch is risk mitigating to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes that could arise later one. Overall, it is in Microsoft’s best interests of the customer to provide the highest quality version for you. Not to worry – it’s expected that Microsoft Copilot will be available to all very soon. Keep your eyes peeled! 

In addition, the cost of the Microsoft Copilot is also yet still to be determined. It’s expected that price will vary depending on factors such as the package chosen, the business size, etc.  

Allow AI to help you keep up and get ahead. 

The Copilot will be an investment into your future of work in terms of the way you collaborate and unleash creativity. We are very excited to see where it takes us – and we hope you are, too! 

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