Speaker Spotlight: Roel Gillesen 

Speaker Spotlight is your chance to get to know the ESPC22 Speakers! Find out what projects they are most proud of, advice, tips, their favourite films and more!

Introducing Roel Gillesen

Roel Gillesen has been managing the Microsoft Ecosystem in OpenText for more than 5 years and as part of his role, he regularly speaks at Microsoft related events, customer facing events for OpenText and is the go to person for strategic conversations with customers about their Microsoft and OpenText strategy.

Please recommend one ESPC22 Session  (you can’t pick your own 😊)

Power Automate Vs Azure Logic Apps | Choosing the Right Workflow Engine for You

Can you briefly discuss a project you are most proud of?

A few years ago when the Hololens was just released, I convinced my managers to allow me to create a Proof of Concept with it. It allowed me to showcase the Hololens, automatically scheduling an engineer based on a failure. The engineer was then able to pull up information from our Information Management system for the asset. This was way before the remote assist app.

What is your favourite film?

The Matrix

What is the best career or life advice you have received to date?

Do what you love and the investment of time to get better in what you do will feel like having time for your hobby during working hours.

What is your favourite Microsoft product and why?

Definitely Microsoft Power Automate. Although there is a lot to improve, it gives you a great toolbox to make your life easier by automating repetitive tasks and by allowing you to gather information from a lot of systems together in your favorite system of choice.

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