Think you don’t need a Document or Content Management Strategy? Here are a few signs You Do

Your business is running along okay, but you know there is room for improvement. You see small signs here and there. Margins are still acceptable– but slowly deteriorating, customer satisfaction is not improving. You’re sensing that your organization may be on the brink and you need to take some action-but what? Look a little deeper at the symptoms and root causes. It could be time to consider a document management strategy and perhaps a Content Management Strategy.


–You’re drowning in documents, emails and information:Content chaos is everywhere. New (and old) forms of information and data that must be managed such as emails, various forms of social media, network shares, project documentation and so on. And it is growing at an exponential rate.

–You’ve had to hire more back office personnel– and not for good reasons, like acquiring more customers or revenue growth.There are greater volumes of information, more documentation required for compliance, shorter processing deadlines and your back office productivity is beginning to slide

— You already have a department or two using their own systems-independently.Sure, you have formal content, document or records management systems, but these exist in only a couple of departments and they are siloed. Information is not shared and your knowledge workers aren’t sure which system represents the most up-to-date and valid information.

–Customer satisfaction is declining or customer complaints are increasing. We live in a hyper-competitive world and our customers expect 24×7, instant responses. If our processes, business model and technologies do not enable us to meet these expectations, customers will move on.

–Your support organizations aren’t able to consistently meet internal service level agreements.Your IT department, mail room or other internal support groups are no longer able to meet your department’s requirements for up time or response time and are seeking to re-negotiate these.

What’s at stake?

–Your organization’s brand and reputation

–Your organization’s financial well-being

–Your organization’s relationships with both partners and customers

How to Get Started:

You can begin by contacting a trusted and knowledgeable vendor who will consult with you, assess your situation, conduct workshops and collaboratively develop a solid strategy to better align your current situation with your business goals.

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