The Poetics and Politics of a successful Power Platform Roll-Out Strategy

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The Poetics and Politics of a successful Power Platform Roll-Out Strategy

The Poetics and Politics of a Successful Power Platform Roll-Out Strategy

Join Edit Kapcari for an insightful webinar that will show the Poetics and Politics of a successful Power Platform roll-out strategy. In this session, Edit shows what it means to create a dedicated Center of Excellence team that defines clear business objectives, identifies flagship use cases where Power Platform adds value, implements processes ad tools to establish thorough data governance, security assessment, compliance, solution design, and monitoring, establishes a culture of continuous improvement, and mutual help in a growing Power Platform community.

Webinar Description: The Poetics and Politics of a Successful Power Platform Roll-Out Strategy

A successful Power Platform roll-out strategy is a multifaceted endeavor that combines the artistry of “poetics” with the strategic maneuvering of “politics.” In this engaging talk, Edit Kapcari will explore what it takes to develop a robust Power Platform adoption plan, emphasising the creation of a dedicated Center of Excellence team. The key components covered in this presentation include:

  • Defining Clear Business Objectives: Edit will delve into the importance of setting precise business goals that align with your organisation’s overall strategy.
  • Identifying Flagship Use Cases: Discover how to pinpoint specific scenarios and applications where the Power Platform can bring substantial value to your organisation.
  • Implementing Processes and Tools: Understand the critical processes and tools needed to establish comprehensive data governance, security assessment, compliance measures, solution design, and ongoing monitoring.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement: Learn how to foster an environment of perpetual growth and collaboration within your organisation’s Power Platform community.

By attending this webinar, you will gain a deep understanding of what it takes to create a Power Platform adoption plan that is primed for success, and equally important, what pitfalls to avoid.

Audience: This webinar is tailored for a specific audience, including:

  • Power Platform Strategy Teams: Those who are actively involved in planning and executing their organisation’s Power Platform strategy will find valuable insights and strategies.
  • Digitisation and Innovation Decision-Makers: Leaders and decision-makers responsible for driving digital transformation and innovation initiatives within their organisations will benefit from the strategic perspectives shared.
  • Future Center of Excellence Teams: Individuals who are part of or aspiring to create a Center of Excellence team for Power Platform implementation will gain practical guidance and best practices.

This webinar promises to be an insightful and practical exploration of the nuances involved in a successful Power Platform roll-out strategy, blending the artistic elements of poetics with the strategic aspects of politics to achieve transformative outcomes.


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