AI, Copilot, Microsoft 365 & more – ESPC23 Keynotes Are Here!

Transform Your Future

ESPC is fast approaching!

Take the chance to delve deeper into Microsoft 365, Copilot, and AI by hearing the very latest from the very greatest – our 4 incredible Keynote speakers. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive expert insight from some of the brightest minds in the tech space.

Now is the time to focus on you, your career, and your skills. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to hear and see from our keynote speakers in Amsterdam later this month!

ESPC23 Keynotes


AI Transformation of Work

Join Jeff and other Microsoft product leaders as they take to the ESPC stage for the much anticipated opening keynote to reveal the unparalleled value and benefit within Microsoft 365. You’ll hear and see AI innovation, advances in employee experiences, and content services that help automate the flow of work.

This keynote promises to provide a solid understanding of Microsoft’s productivity strategy and vision, setting the tone for a future-ready approach to work. And on top of all that, Jeff and friends’ keynote is sure to be packed with recent news and demos across Teams, SharePoint, Syntex, OneDrive, and more.

Kick off ESPC23 on the right foot with a newfound understanding of the future of Microsoft 365 technologies – clarity on where Microsoft is taking productivity into the future.

Find out more about Jeff’s Keynote here.


Building a High Performance Organization in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the business landscape, though not at the rate many assume. AI is increasingly influencing decisions across various domains, but despite the potential that AI offers, numerous organizations are encountering challenges in effectively implementing and leveraging its capabilities.

Karuana Gatimu – Principal Manager, M365 Customer Advocacy in Collaborative Apps and Platform, Microsoft – will be sharing insights into Building a High Performance Organization in the Age of AI at ESPC in Amsterdam. Let Karuana help you and your organisation get ready for the future and ensure AI success.

Keep an eye on our website for details of Karuana’s keynote coming soon!


The Next Decade in data, intelligence, and technology

ESPC call for speakers 2024
Rafal Lukawiecki, a long-term practitioner of data science and machine learning, has studied artificial intelligence with the people who have invented the foundations of AI. Rafal has presented a series of sessions titled “Next Decade in IT” over 18 years ago. Most of his predictions came true.

This keynote will focus on what the next 10 years may bring, with a focus on intelligence and data. Are you wondering if your job will be helped or made more difficult by AI? Will software developers still exist? Can AI be trusted not to make bad mistakes? Find out all and more in Rafal’s keynote.

Join us to be inspired and provoked by what the future may hold!

Find out more here.


These are definitely the droids you are looking for (AI, Copilots, and what it means for you)

Are you curious about the reality behind the AI revolution?

Allow Dona Sarkar, Chief Troublemaker of the Microsoft AI and Copilot Extensibility Program, to guide you through the intricacies of this technological shift.

Discover the truth about AI’s influence on our professional lives and explore the potential of Microsoft’s Copilots. Gain essential knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape securely and responsibly. Prepare to take proactive steps that will ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Find out more here.

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