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If you’re a site owner, it’s a good idea to create a governance model, often referred to as ‘Best Practices’ – that is, a model to address your site’s policies, processes, roles, and responsibilities. Naturally, commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective, are considered the best to follow.

As Best Practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives, usually it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means.

Therefore, this category is full of useful tips, practical examples and advise. With How To videos, eBooks, Webinars, Blogs to help you learn and become more productive in implementing Best Practices.

Forms and Workflows Webinar

Webinar: Forms and Workflows: Divide and Conquer Presenter: Mike Fitzmaurice Vice President of Workflow Technology, Nintex To start, many companies seek to transform a paper form into a matching electronic form (often a complex one). That’s a mistake. Also, behind every form is a process, furthermore the ideal way to digitize a paper form is to… READ MORE

SharePoint Intranets-in-a-box
SharePoint Intranets-in-a-box
Blog Posts

If you want a quick, low risk start to a SharePoint based intranet, then a ready-made product may be the answer. However they do involve compromises, and some come with ongoing license costs, so being clear about your needs up front is important. Here Sam Marshall looks at some of the options of SharePoint Intranets-in-a-box.

7 Deadly Sins of SharePoint: Planning Successful Implementations and Avoiding Project Failure (Level 100)

Learn the best processes for Planning Successful Implementations and Avoiding Project Failure Presenter: Curtis Hughes, Managing Partner, C5 Insight, USA. To start, “More than 60% of SharePoint projects are stalled, struggling, or failing, according to research conducted by AIIM. Furthermore, if the goal is enterprise collaboration, it matters most how people connect and remain engaged,… READ MORE