Currency Conversion in Power BI Reports

Currency conversion applied to BI reports can include many different scenarios.

  • Data in multiple currencies, report with a single currency
  • Data in multiple currencies, report with multiple currencies
  • Data in a single currency, report with multiple currencies

The rule of thumb is to apply the currency exchange conversion upfront. Therefore, it is a good idea to solve all the scenarios requiring a single currency in the report by converting all amounts at the time of data import into the data model. When you need to create a report in multiple currencies, computing data in advance could be challenging and expensive. Therefore, a dynamic solution based on DAX measures and a properly designed data model makes more sense.

In this article, we only consider the third scenario, “Data in a single currency, report with multiple currencies”. The second scenario could be implemented by transforming data so that it is imported in the model in a single currency, moving the challenge over to the very scenario we describe in this article. An extended description of the three scenarios with other dynamic solutions is included in a chapter of the Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel book.

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