Whitepaper – Adlib Enables Enterprise Organizations to Improve Document-Centric Processes in SharePoint by Integrating Advanced Rendering Technology

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the 2014 European SharePoint conference! There is a lot of exciting stuff happening this year – we’re particularly interested in the talks around cloud strategy, document compliance and governance, and increasing end-user efficiency and productivity.

Increasing the efficiency of document-centric processes is something we’ve been enabling organizations to do for over a decade. Adlib integrates directly with Enterprise Content Management systems – including SharePoint – to enable end users to convert high value and large volume of documents to high-fidelity PDFs across the enterprise. Our Advanced Rendering solution streamlines each stage of the document lifecycle while adding content enhancements, and makes content transformation available on a high-volume level.

Having worked with organizations in a variety of industries that use SharePoint – including Life Sciences, Government and Financial Services – Adlib is committed to enhancing organizations’ existing infrastructures with Advanced Rendering to PDF.

Why Advanced Rendering?

Why not just stick with a desktop print-to-PDF solution? Advanced Rendering provides a number of enterprise-level enhancements which can help improve business process efficiency of all document-centric processes. Some of the enhancements include:
* Retention and protection of the original content in its native form (images, text, fonts, etc.) for high-fidelity results

* Accessibility and consistent viewing on virtually any device from traditional PCs to mobile devices

* Consistent conversion results throughout the organization, made possible through scalable and highly available architecture

* Facilitation of use as a standard for compliant document submission in regulated environments

* Support of standards and processes approved by many government agencies globally as the format to make information publically available

* Availability of options for long-term archiving (PDF/A)

* Advanced document security settings and controls such as passwords, digital signatures, and access based on profile and permission settings to provide more control over the use of information
PDF is truly the only digital equivalent of paper-based documents that enhances the value proposition of virtually any document management solution, and Advanced Rendering takes PDF conversion to a whole new level.

Advanced Rendering in SharePoint – Complimentary White Paper

SharePoint has made significant inroads in the ECM market and represents an increasingly viable option for organizations looking to avoid the high cost, large footprint and long implementation times of traditional ECM solutions. Adlib enhances the Document Output Management capabilities of SharePoint with Advanced Rendering. This can significantly enrich SharePoint’s capabilities and improve its viability as an enterprise-class ECM system. It enables organizations to build a functionally robust ECM solution on SharePoint without the big investment in time, training and money associated by deploying traditional ECM systems.

Adlib recently published a white paper on this topic: Enhancing SharePoint® to Support ECM-Grade Document Output Management. Download your copy today to learn more about Advanced Rendering, and how it can truly deepen the SharePoint experience.

We regularly publish on the features, benefits and uses of Advanced Rendering, and how it can be integrated directly into existing systems such as SharePoint. Check out our blog for more details and access to exclusive content.

Adlib Software were signed up as silver exhibitors for ESPC14.

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