European SharePoint Office 365 & Community Award Winners 2018

In the quest to create amazing technology solutions there are so many examples of the dedication, innovation and inspiration taking place across the community. It’s important to share and celebrate those stories.

For this year’s European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community Awards, we again asked you to share your story of how you met the challenges of delivering truly modern workplace solutions. Many of you shared your trials and tribulations and the secrets of your success – not only celebrating and recognising the efforts of you & your team, but also potentially helping the community learn from your experience.

All submissions have now been reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts and we are now delighted to announce the winners for 2018 across 6 categories. Check out their solutions below.

Most Innovative SharePoint Solution & Best Management Solution

Rencore GmbH – Why you have to think outside the platform to really secure SharePoint Online

Rencore for Production (formerly know as AnalysisCloud) is the only solution available that allows organisations to run SharePoint Online without compromise: maximum security and maximum flexibility at the same time. With Rencore, organizations can provide their end users with a collaboration and working environment tailored to their needs and keep it secure.

Rencore for Production discovers, assesses and monitors all applications and customisations live in a SharePoint Online environment and continuously identifies and reports those not compliant to existing security standards.

Rencore provides a free Risk Assessment for SharePoint Online to get organisations started with securing their SharePoint applications.


Best Office 365 Add-In

Happit – Happit Single-Click Learning – The Ultimate Tool for Driving Employee Productivity

Every now and then getting lost in new, updated or not-so-frequently used digital solutions ruin our day. In fact, frustration means 4 times longer worktime losses and 200 € bigger support cost per user challenge for the organisation.

Happit is a Single Click Learning service that helps employees understand software instantly. It teaches every user step-by-step how to use new solutions and guides them through all processes in real-time. This results more productive and happier employees with up to 90% cost reduction.

At Happit our mission is to bring employee training and support one click away, so users can be productive and happy. We are dedicated to help our customers and IT companies to enhance employee performance and kill the work day frustration. Implemented based on Microsoft Azure services, Happit was named Microsoft’s 2018 ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner Solution of the Year in Finland.

Best Mobile Solution

Valo – Valo Mobile – the Intranet App your users will fall in love with

People continue to increase the amount of information they consume from their mobile devices, making mobile an excellent way to give your employees the opportunity to access your company’s intranet. Wherever work takes you, Valo Intranet Mobile App enables you to stay connected to your co-workers and your business, and being productive and focused on the go.

Discover your truly mobile digital workplace with Valo’s native Mobile Intranet App that delivers the most important intranet features including corporate branding from colours to fonts, targeted content, push notifications, social interaction, support for video content, an offline mode, and much more.

Valo Mobile is the Intranet that fits in your pocket and everyone in your company will fall in love with! Visit at and feel the #ValoLove at first sight.

Best Search Solution     

Findwise AB – Translated Knowledge Base with metadata extraction

Our solution helps customers with multilingual work environment by minimalising the language barrier. It combines capabilities of multiple different Microsoft Office and Microsoft Azure Services like SharePoint Online, SharePoint Search, Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Framework and Microsoft Teams to provide easily accessible, localised, global knowledge base. The knowledge base automatically translate document to multiple languages and automatically extract it’s metadata. Thanks to that our customers can significantly improve searchability of information inside their intranet which:

–              Increase partners effectiveness

–              Provides higher quality of services

Cutting down the language barrier affects the accessibility of the organisation knowledge and this significantly affects searchability of information which are accessible from any device.

Most Creative Use of Microsoft Flow     

LiveTiles – Revolutionizing IT support with Bots & Flow

For the same reason LiveTiles allow businesses to build personalised digital workplaces, AI in the workplace is not about finding the one ‘chat bot’ solution for all employees, but multiple and even individual AI assistants that are truly ‘your’ assistant.

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, LiveTiles Bots enables users to create bots with customised abilities – tailor made to suit any role, any team, in any organisation.

Within LiveTiles, a user can change their bot’s abilities and language input recognition skills, then test those changes in real time. They can then deploy their bot to over ten channels with a few clicks– including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, webpages, and more.

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