Have you connected with your MS Teams Champions yet?

Driving adoption with Network of Change Agents

One of the key components in every Digital Transformation strategy framework has always been a strong, powerful and interconnected Network of Change Agents. They’re known by many different names: Champions, Ambassadors, Evangelists, and Connectors are just a few. Regardless the name used, this network is one of the most successful accelerators for different Social Business and Transformation programmes. Without them, the pace of embracing and adapting to change through Enterprise Social Networking platforms can come to a stand-still.

If you are using an ESN within your own organisation, you may already have such a network in place. But, how about MS Teams? Is there a need for a Network of Champions to help you advocate and evangelise? Can they help spread the word about the business value arises from a more intimate, real-time, synchronous collaboration? Of course, they can! Our main challenge though is to find out where they are and, more importantly, how can we connect with them. Would you know how?

Finding your champions for change

How can we find those Networks of Champions within MS Teams? Most real-time collaboration happens in closed spaces requiring an invitation to join? Where would you start? Who would you ask? Where are your connectors? Can the user activity of those knowledge practitioners be a good indicator to help you locate them?

In the world of open enterprise social networks through ESNs, it’s easy to find your network of champions. You just get out there and start listening and participating in different conversations. Over time, you will see them emerge. They all share a common purpose. They want to transform the way we work so we can all be more effective. Usually, they’ll be leading by example.

A new approach to connectivity

At panagenda, we do things differently. We developed OfficeExpert Teams to help you quickly and easily find your Champions. Connect with them and they can help advance and accelerate digital adaptation efforts.

How does it work? First, is the focus placed on how interconnected people are through multiple Teams. Embracing new ways of working begins by walking the walk. So, we’ve made it easy for you to discover your interconnected heavy hitters. Once that is accomplished, the rest is easy. Gather your champions. Unleash their passion with a mission. Give them the opportunity to continue to learn. Sit back and let them work their magic!

See in Fig. 1 how it would work.

Figure 1: Interconnectivity by Users – panagenda OfficeExpert

If you wish to see how interconnected your departments, locations and countries are, OfficeExpert Teams makes this possible. We’ve added a little twist as well. You can see the frequency and thickness of those interactions and relationships as you can see from Fig. 2 to Fig. 4.

Figure 2: Interconnectivity by Departments – panagenda OfficeExpert
Figure 3: Interconnectivity by Countries – panagenda OfficeExpert
Figure 4: Interconnectivity by Location – panagenda OfficeExpert

Have a play in the sand

Interested? Why not have a play in our OfficeExpert Teams Sandbox and see what you can do. You’ll be amazed out how easy it is to find your Networks of Champions and transform how your organization works.

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