How To Use Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy for Performance Improvements in a Web Application

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How To Use Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy for Performance Improvements in a Web Application

How To Use Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy for Performance Improvements in a Web Application

In this demonstration, the focus is on improving application performance using the M365 developer proxy tool. The demo provides a comprehensive overview of techniques for enhancing the performance, optimizing caching, and ensuring minimal permissions for efficient API integration.

Demo Description:

Garry Trinder (Microsoft) introduces the concept of enhancing performance as a crucial step in optimizing application efficiency. The demo highlights the proxy’s ability to be configured to facilitate enhanced performance monitoring and optimization. Beginning with a focused discussion on improving performance, the presenter emphasizes the significance of setting the proxy with a zero failure rate. The demonstration highlights the importance of using the appropriate parameters, as indicated by the warning from the Graphic Explorer tool.

The presenter initiates the proxy with a zero failure rate, aiming to illustrate the process of inspecting requests and providing developers with insights to improve their application’s efficiency. Through the use of the Graph Explorer, the demonstration showcases how the proxy can generate warnings and suggestions, such as recommending the use of specific parameters to streamline data retrieval. The importance of understanding and implementing efficient data retrieval practices, such as utilizing selective data requests to prevent unnecessary data fetching, is emphasized.

Furthermore, the demo underscores the significance of implementing caching mechanisms to minimize frequent API calls, thereby improving overall application performance. The presenter highlights the proxy’s capacity to intercept and inspect requests in real-time, providing valuable feedback on the frequency of requests and the potential benefits of implementing caching strategies. This practical illustration serves as a valuable resource for developers, emphasizing the significance of optimizing application performance through efficient data retrieval and caching practices.

By emphasizing the warnings and suggestions provided by the proxy, the demonstration underscores the importance of adopting these optimization strategies to ensure that the application operates at an optimal level, minimizing unnecessary API calls and enhancing overall performance. The presentation concludes by reiterating the significance of implementing efficient caching mechanisms to reduce reliance on external API calls, ultimately improving the application’s speed and responsiveness.


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