Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Copilot Now Tapping into the ERP Space

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The Evolution of Next Generation AI Continues 

In traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, financial and project managers have had difficulty keeping up with the nimble nature of international markets, nowadays. The current ERP process creates more repetitive work which can overwhelm the departments – and impact their view on work. 

What’s the solution to these problem, you ask? The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot vouches to aid finance managers, project managers, collection agents and procurement professionals reduce manual efforts, improving accuracy and increase productivity. 

Finance Managers – this is for you  

AI is now tapping into the ERP space, the importance of leveraging big data becomes important. It was revealed that Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Fabric collaborate with Dataverse at Microsoft Build. What’s more, these Business Intelligence tools provide actionable insights and reporting. The plan and analytics solution will expand on this enabling business analysts and finance managers to spend less time analyzing data, and more time innovating! 

Daily tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel will be integrated, alongside an enhancement of Copilot capabilities. This will allow professionals to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. 

Animate data using natural language: Use Copilot to make in-depth Microsoft Power BI dashboard or reports by inputting the visuals and insights you want. Then, Copilot will refine the output which allows for a more in-depth analysis.  

Collaborate on plans: It’s crucial that financial plans and forecasts are aligned with objectives, to achieve them. Now, doing this has become easier! The tools facilitate collaborative efforts with the business strategy as the objective. 

Streamline the sales process: Dream of enhancing productivity levels and output? Enable smoother workflows and increase efficiency in your sales process and operations planning, with thanks to the solutions. 

Automate financial consolidation: Desire data that is faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors? Like most activities, financial consolidation can be automated. This not only streamlines the process, it also reduces the manual labor required. 

Identify gaps: Want to optimize your team’s performance and ensure the right skills are available for necessary tasks? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot can comprehensively address the talent gaps within your team, gain an understanding of cashflow dynamics and access accurate predictions through predictive analytics. 

By leveraging these tools and tech, you can optimize your performance, efficiently allocate resources and drive reliable financial decisions for your organization.

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Project Managers – this is for you 

Let’s be honest – it can be a challenge to finish projects on time plus within budget! Recently, Microsoft announced Copilot capabilities for Dynamics 365 Project Operations to reduce the time spent on tasks such as project status reports. 

Imagine a time when you can create new projects in minutes and not hours by explaining the details of the project using natural language… Copilot will automatically generate a project plan that you can edit as you wish. 

What’s more, Copilot can give the project status report which again reduces time spent on the write-up. It can also highlight risks and suggest mitigations to ensure project success, regularly. 

With Co-pilot, project managers can improve efficiency, reduce risks, and focus on more strategic and value-added activities. 

Collection Agents and Procurement Professionals – this is for you 

With Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you can efficiently handle changes to purchase orders and mitigate risks. The tools identify high-impact or low-impact changes risks. Copilot allows for a conversation, with both internal and external stakeholders, bringing information into Outlook and Teams using natural language. In addition, you can go even further and pose questions to adjust and improve to meet the needs of customers and partners! 

Harnessing the Power of AI 

With Microsoft, you can transform the future of ERP with tools and technologies, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot. Stay in control of your work process and outputs by leveraging your business data and seamlessly integrating with your security, compliance, and privacy policies.   

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