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Software architect with over 20 years of experience, and Microsoft MVP for SharePoint server. I first met SharePoint (and Microsoft CMS server) back in 2002, and since 2006 my focus was completely shifted towards architecture and development of solutions based on the SharePoint technology. I am working as a Head of Development for deroso solutions, a global consulting company with headquarters in Germany. I am a speaker with over 15 years of speaker experience, speaking at various Microsoft, Community and SharePoint events worldwide.
I like to keep my free time really free, since there isn’t much of it. I prefer spending it with my family (kids can be quite demanding!), or reading a good book or comic. Oh, when we are already on comics, there is an immediate recommendation: Bil Simser (twitter: @bsimser), a fellow SharePointer, created my favorite Windows Modern App – the Comicpedia ( It is perfect for drifting your mind off SharePoint, Office 365 and similar things, and drowning into the beautiful world of comics.

Adis Jugo

Adis Jugo



I blog at – mostly about architecture, development and business aspects of SharePoint, Office 365, Enterprise Social and Business Process Management. You can follow me on twitter at @adisjugo

Top 6 Twitter

Choosing top 5 twitter accounts is a weird and hard to do thing, since it always comes down to personal preference, and you always forget someone… So, I’ll make it six, just to try not to forget someone. Although I probably will…

@molnaragnes: Agnes is the ultimate address when it comes to SharePoint Search and Enterprise Content Management. I’ve learned a ton about search from her tweets, blog posts and sessions. Definitely one you want to follow on twitter.

@sahilmalik: Sahil is one of the best developers and architects I’ve met in my life. His blogs and tweets are very often in the “new frontiers” sphere, where no man has gone before. Want to use Office 365 data in your iOS app? Look for Sahil’s tweets and articles. That sort of thing. Weird, but cool, lovable and helpful. Just like Sahil.

@paolopia: Paolo is another one of my favorite SharePoint geeks. Back in the time when SharePoint 2013 just came out as beta, and when I was planning to invest time in Remote Event Receivers, Paolo was already being busy tweeting, blogging and making sessions on the topic. You want to follow Paolo, believe me. He’s cool.

@spdoctor: Bill, the famous SharePoint Doctor, is the one you want to learn from about all things development, architecture, ALM and agile. And about Barcelona night life.
@sympmarc: Marc, the creator of SP Services, client side development guru, and probably the nicest guy in the SharePoint Community ever. One of the people from whom I learned a lot.

@zimmergren: Simply because more than 16.000 people cannot be wrong, you’d want to follow Tobias. Or, can they? Anyway, you need to have at least one pregnant Swede in the list. #SharePointPregnancy

eBook found beneficial

Sahil Malik, “Planet of the Apps”. Everyone who wants to start with SharePoint App development, this is the source. Sahil, being funny, informative and thorough in the same time, again made a masterpiece with this book. Buy now>>

Download a free chapter of Sahil Malik’s book here>>

Featured Audio

Instead of featuring a video, I’d like here to feature some audios. Better said, a podcast. Jeremy Thake (twitter: @jthake), who recently switched sides, and started working for Microsoft, has made a series of podcasts about Office 365 development topics. Very interesting, and highly recommended stuff. Way to go, Thakey!

Top articles

There is a new web site, dedicated to IT technology, but mostly to SharePoint and Office 365 topics – IT Unity ( There is a bunch of great articles there, and I would like to point out just some of them:
Series on SharePoint search and Delve by Agnes Molnar:
And basically everything you can find on IT Unity.

Cool Tool

There are are some. But if I must pick one, it would definitely be SharePoint Documentation Toolkit ( This is a must have for every SharePoint consultant, itpro, developer… name it. SharePoint Documentation Toolkit helps you document your farm, track configuration changes, enforce best practices, perform metrics, and recently even to centrally manage permissions and enforce governance policies on much easier way. It is a SharePoint Consultant’s Swiss Knife – light, powerful, and cool. Definitely a tool of my choice.

MVP Highlighted content

Believe or not, this is where I’m going to point to a Facebook Group! The International Cloud User group, started by MVPs Martina Grom (twitter: @magrom) and Toni Pohl (twitter: @atwork). Even it is officially a cloud user group for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the content is in English, very useful and very accurate. The cloud user group is one of my primary information sources on everything cloud, and more specific Microsoft Cloud (Office 365, Microsoft Azure). Again, highly recommended. Join the group here –

And that would be all, folks! Keep being cool.

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