MVP TakeOver – Nicki Borell

Our guest MVP for December is Nicki Borell.

Nicki Borell

Nicki Borell

Hi, I am Nicki Borell, SharePoint enthusiast, IT-Pro, Geek and SharePoint MVP.
Together with my MVP colleague Thorsten Hans, Christian Glessner, Samuel Zürcher and Hilton Giesenow I am part of Experts Inside.

I worked for many years in Microsoft enterprise environments starting with Server and Active Directory technology and SQL Server. I began focusing on SharePoint since the SharePoint version 2007.

My expertise extends from technical consulting all the way to project management. My special focus is on SharePoint Search Technologies. While most of my customers are based in Europe, I travel around the world as a speaker. Usually I talk about Search and Search related topics like Analytics, Search Driven solutions and actually about Office Graph and Delve. Migration, common architecture and planning also as reviewing are in my focus. Doing SharePoint business today means “Never stop learning” – and this is my daily experience with this product. Working with SharePoint and O365 is not only a job – I love it! I love to work with different customers in different countries on their individual project.

Keep in touch with me: @nickiborell

Top 5 Twitter Accounts

@danholme: Dan Holme, Office 365 MVP and co-founder of IT Unity. Dan had a really long experience in Microsoft enterprise technologies. His posts and sessions are mostly about the business side of SharePoint and Office 365. If you have the chance to see him live don’t miss it!

@mikaelsvenson: with his own words: “Computer literate with an interest for SharePoint, search, coding, and life in general. Community contributor and SharePoint MVP” Mikael Svenson continuously provides actual and interesting content about SharePoint Search, Delve and Office Graph stuff.

@magrom: Martina Grom is THE news channel for topics around O365, Azure and cloud stuff in common. There is no faster and better way to keep up to date than following her on Twitter.

@ThorstenHans: My MVP and Experts Inside colleague Thorsten Hans is important for me because of he is unconventional way to develop for SharePoint. With his own project ShareCoffee, he offers a different and cool way to develop Apps for SharePoint.

@ITUnity01: IT-Unity was born in 2014 as a platform for everyone who is interested in SharePoint. IT Unity is: “a community of trusted experts, users, business decision makers, IT professionals, developers, and industry solution providers”

Featured Video

This is a really cool video from Mikael Svenson about creating a Delve clone using a pre-configured Content Search Web Part: I love this video because it shows that in SharePoint you can mix mostly everything together to find solutions. SharePoint is a construction kit for your enterprise.

Top articles

Top articles these days are around Delve, Office Graph or about the future of SharePoint and portals in general.

A lot of contributors, also myself, wrote about Delve and Office Graph on their blogs. If you are interested in this topic have a look at the article and webinar series at IT-Unity:

Benjamin Niaulin posted a really good article about the future of SharePoint here . I agree with him that things need to change and will change.

Cool Tool

For me doing a lot with SharePoint Search, the Search Query Tool is one of the best free tools we actually have. The SharePoint Search Query Tool is the Swiss army knife for everyone who is working with SharePoint Search. You can get it for free from codeplex:

Nobody loves to write or update documentations about a SharePoint environment. For all of us who are looking for a smart and powerful documentation tool try this out: Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint and for O365: Governance Toolkit for Office 365

Highlighted content

Every year we have the “ShareCamp” at Microsoft Germany in Munich. For everyone who is interested in SharePoint, O365 and Microsoft technologies this is a must have.
Actually the date for the 2015 ShareCamp is not finally announced yet. Further information can be found here:

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