Power Platform: Dataverse in Microsoft Fabric


There have been a lot of cool announcements last month, but Microsoft Fabric (Introducing Microsoft Fabric: The data platform for the era of AI | Azure Blog | Microsoft Azure) integrating with Power Platform definitely was a big one! The way Dataverse can be used in Microsoft Fabric looks amazing.


As an “end-to-end, unified analytics platform that brings together all the data and analytics tools that organizations need” this really looks promising:

Power Platform: Dataverse in Microsoft Fabric

From my (Power Platform) point of view, especially the following announced features stand out:

  • the in-product experience from Power Platform to Microsoft Fabric using the Power Apps Maker Portal by simply just selecting one or more tables. This is exactly the user experience that No-Code/Low-Code Citizen Developers love 
  • Fusion Development is immediately possible supporting Full-Code Developers using SQL Endpoint, Spark or Python 
  • easily generating reports infused with AI will be something that can boost productivity 
  • using the insights from Microsoft Fabric directly back into your Business Applications as a native Dataverse table with a single click 


Just have a look at how Dataverse (the best Database as a Service for Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform) can be easily integrated into a Microsoft Fabric:

Microsoft Fabric Launch Video

If you want to enter the Private Preview make sure to enter your details at https://aka.ms/DataverseExtendsToFabric. Please note that this link will probably expire at some point in the coming months. This usually happens when the feature goes into Public Preview or General Available.

About the Author

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A Microsoft 365 Enthusiast and Power Platform Citizen developer working with the #1 Partner of Microsoft in the Netherlands: InSpark.


Lohn, D, 2023, Power Platform: Dataverse in Microsoft Fabric, Knowhere365.space, Available at: https://knowhere365.space/power-platform-dataverse-in-microsoft-fabric/ [Accessed on 7 September 2023]


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