Q & A from Moving Mountains with SharePoint Webinar

Oliver Wirkus presented a webinar last week on ‘Moving Mountains with SharePoint!‘. Oliver has answer your questions below:

Moving Mountains

Oliver Wirkus


Q: How many number of content types support by Single library?
A: I’m not aware of any limitations concerning the number of Content Types for a single library, although there might be some limiting factors. But I recommend to not use too much Content Types in a single library or list as multiple Content Type can be confusing for unexperienced users.

Q: Are versions also archived in the Record center?
A: That depends on the way documents are moved to the Record Centers. It also depends on enterprise governance rules. Personally I don’t think that minor versions of a document should be saved to a Document Center or to a Records Center. If you (for instance) use a custom workflow that is triggered by a Retention rule to move a document to a Records Center, you can decide how document versions should be handled.

Q: What about document type field versus content type?
A: If I understand this question correctly there should be only one content type and the type of document is set by choosing appropriate metadata rather than using a content type for each type of document in an enterprise.
This can be done. I’ve seen an enterprise-wide approach where documents are handled like this. The only drawback I can currently think of is, that you are restricted to only one Microsoft Office Template because only one Content Type is used. If you are planning to use only one Content Type and are thinking about Content Type Information-Management-Policies you may encounter usability issues, because you may end up with a Content Type that has a bunch of policies – instead of multiple Content Types with only a few policies each.
Here is an article that further evaluates this: https://www.nothingbutsharepoint.com/sites/eusp/pages/how-many-content-types-do-you-need-in-sharepoint.aspx. You should read through the comments also.

Q: What is the reason for having one document library per content type in a document center? Why not have different content types associated with a library?
A: Of course you can assign multiple Content Types to a single library. But if you do, SharePoint will display a dropdown to choose a Content Type from every time a new document is added to the library. This can be confusing for unexperienced users. Mainly it’s a matter of user acceptance or user experience.

Q: In Retention section, what will happen if the author left the company?
A: That’s not a Retention-specific problem. It’s depending on how you are dealing with SharePoint accounts that are orphaned, because the corresponding AD account has been deleted. In most cases you probably would start a custom workflow if a retention rule matches. Here you can check if the author (in field ‘created by’) is still valid. If not the workflow needs to send its notification to an administrator or a collective e-mail address.

Q: How to create custom Policies for document archiving which can be used in Information management Policy?
A: There is a great TechNet article I like to recommend http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262490%28v=office.15%29.aspx

Just in case you missed Oliver’s webinar on ‘Moving Mountains with SharePoint”  you can now watch the recording here>>

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