2018’s Top 5 Must-See Webinars

Webinars are our regular community meetings where presentations are held via the Internet in real time.

The main feature of European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community webinars is to learn in-depth about important topics by seeing and hearing a live (or recorded) presentation from an expert in that area. Whichever new announcement, case studies from the field, or demo, webinars allow the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

At the end of each event, we run a poll and invite participants to rate the webinar.

Below are the top rated Must-See webinars (so far) for 2018.

#5 – Employing SharePoint-based workflows to meet the new GDPR regulations by Lukasz Wrobel

Key benefits of watching:
• You will learn what organizations are actually required to execute as a result of the GDPR, and how IT departments can help with the use of workflows.
• You will see how to handle the most common and critical scenarios related to the GDPR.

#4 – Understanding GDPR within Office 365 by Liam Cleary

Key benefits of watching:
In this webinar, you will come to understand GDPR basics, the core regulations and how it can impact your business and your end users.
You will also understand the tools and components available within Office 365 that can help you meet the regulations.

#3 – Deliver Amazing Results with SharePoint Site Designs by Eric Overfield

Key benefits of watching:
• Learn Site Design offerings and options
• See how Site Designs provide site templating
• Get the code examples to start your next project

#2 – Protecting your Office 365 Data with Microsoft Information Protection by Jethro Seghers

Key benefits of watching:
• Understanding Security in Office 365
• Understanding Azure Information Protection
• Understanding Protection in a Multi Cloud World

#1 – Secure Document Generation in the Cloud with dox42 and Azure AD. In the name of love – or in the name of the user? by Christian Bauer

Key benefits of watching:
• Get an Overview of authentication methods and security requirements in the cloud
• Learn about Azure AD principles and configuration
• See how to secure a real live application (dox42) using AAD
• Get a dox42 Document Generation and Data Integration live demo

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