How easy can scanning to SharePoint be?

I would like to bring to your attention this amazing blog from
Fenestrae. Fenestrae were
Sliver Exhibitors at the the European
SharePoint Conference
 2011 in Berlin.
In last week’s article we introduced UDOCX as the only cloud-based
service that integrates physical scanned documents with SharePoint
and Exchange.

The UDOCX “Scan-to-SharePoint version” is not only about storing
documents into SharePoint and integrating them into internal or
external business workflows (which is crucial for business
productivity).  It’s also about being very user-friendly for
both users and administrators.  UDOCX is the
easiest and most convenient way for employees to scan documents
into SharePoint!

How easy can scanning to SharePoint be?

  1. Log in on the scanner (Multifunctional device)
  2. Click on “Scan to SharePoint”
  3. Choose Folder
  4. Done

Depending on the user rights you have in your SharePoint
environment (determined by your administrator), you can choose
specific or general SharePoint folders/destinations via the UDOCX
interface and scan your documents directly to SharePoint.  If
you wish, you can also receive an email containing the URL of the
stored document into your mailbox for future reference.

Take a look at our “Scan-to-SharePoint-Version” Demo (
) to get a first impression.

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